Crafted by Pittsburgher

Crafted by Pittsburgher

Are you a creator from Pittsburgh? Do you make physical goods, art, etc that might be a good fit for our shop? Well...we want to work with YOU


For years, we've been dedicated to creating and selling products that best represent the Steel City's personality, grit, and character. Then we thought to ourselves: what better way to represent Pittsburgh than by uplifting the creative Yinzers who make our city so very special? And thus Crafted By Pittsburgher was born.

Whichever unique way you use to create- art, goods, products, etc.- we want to hear about it! Forming partnerships with other Yinzers sounds like our dream come true. To put it simply, YOU create, WE sell. 

Your work doesn't even have to be Pittsburgh themed, we just want to work with artists and creators from the 'Burgh. 

Fill out the form below and we'll reach out with the details of our Crafted by Pittsburgher program!