Meet Keck

Keck packing up shipments

Meet Keck, a real champ with a heart of gold! He's our pride and joy, born with Down syndrome but bursting with energy and love for life.

At YinzerShop, our family biz, Keck's a real ace. He's all about pitchin' in, helpin' with orders, and keepin' track of our stuff. He gets a real kick outta seein' where our packages are goin'.

But that ain't all. Keck's got this thing where he wants to pack every order himself. It's like his way of makin' sure each package gets a special touch. And ya know what? He even sneaks in a personal thank-you note with each one.

Keck's not just about the work, though. He's all about spreadin' cheer and makin' folks smile. He loves seein' the joy our packages bring to folks near and far.

And ya know what? Keck's got a real knack for makin' connections. He's a real people person, even if it's through packages. He's always got a grin on his face, and folks can't help but smile right back.

Down at YinzerShop, Keck's more than just a helper. He's a true inspiration, showin' us all that it ain't about what ya can or can't do, but the love ya put into it.

Keck reminds us every day to appreciate the little things and spread kindness wherever we go. He's a true Pittsburgher at heart, livin' life with grit, love, and a whole lotta yinzer spirit.