Yinzer Certified Collection

Yinzer Certified


      Become Yinzer Certified With These Amazing Collection Of Goodies From Yinzershop

      Being a true yinzer is quite a big catch. You feel the need to fit into certain mannerisms and emotions. But hey, guess what it's the 21st century! You're always free to be whatever you wanna be. And, Pittsburgh has always applauded this idea for a long long time. We love how we have inherited our rich culture from our blue-collar ancestors. Being "yinzer certified" is something that we all look forward to!

      Celebrating and embracing our yesteryears have always been a tradition to us yinzers. We adore how our ancestors took up the path of resilience and perseverance to build this city from nothing. However, there are a few things that are uniquely Pittsburghese in nature. And, it would be fun to notice them!

      Yinzers have always been remarked as heavy eaters with heavy accents. And, oh boy, yes we are! We have unique phrases and lingo that we would love to add to our conversations. Similarly, there's an exclusive range of Pittsburghese foods you must try any day in the city. Pierogies, chipped ham, Heinz sauce, and more are just so delectable that you could hog on food the whole day!

      So, why not notch this up with a stunning collection of accessories, clothes, and home decor from Yinzershop? You could find a wide range of products, all etched with a neat sign that read "Yinzer Certified". 

      Seems like a must-have for the yinz household? Well, take a look at some of them that could resonate with your preferences at our online store: