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Have You Been To These Top Shopping Destinations in Pittsburgh?

Feb 11, 2021Surya Gopal Collaborator

Shopping, shopping, and shopping! Do the shopping spirits enchant you and turn you all crazy for the weekend or on tours around the cities? Then, Pittsburgh is definitely gonna drive up your shopping spree. The wide array of choices that you’ve here are vast. Charming neighborhoods, captivating Downtown area, and the coolest & stylish streets are all lined up with the best local, international, and contemporary shops and malls.

Our city doesn’t give in the tinge of the usual shopping trend. Instead, Pittsburgh has an attractive package of entertainment around its shopping hotspots. Ranging from eateries, fine-dine restaurant chains to the ultimate enjoyment of engaging with fun contests and gatherings, the Steel City never leaves anybody bored or disappointed. Strip District is the major site of shopping haul for us, yinzers as well as all the thrilled visitors to our city. Wanna enjoy the perks of Pittsburghese culture, lifestyle, and shopping vibes? Head across to the following locations to grab interesting shopping fun!

View from Strip District, Shopping at Strip District

Strip District (Photo from Post Gazette)

2. Station Square

Dive into this extensive shopping complex at South Shore in Pittsburgh for a unique shopping culture of the city. With expanded indoor and outdoor spaces, this 52-acre huge building stands majestically on the waterfront of the Monongahela River. Open throughout the week, Station Square is the ultimate retail space for you if you need all things together from a single place.

With more than 50 outlets of popular brands and stores, Station Square features upthrust dining areas like Sheraton and the best cafes that add in a holistic fun atmosphere like Hard Rock Cafe. Wander around one whole day well-spent, exploring the various souvenir shops, fashion accessories, and lots of other fashion and wellness shops. After shopping dead out, you should never miss the colorful water fountain display at the Bessemer Court. And, probably go dining at the Great Concourse Restaurant near the Golden Triangle of Pittsburgh, later that day!

The entrance of Station Square, Shopping at Station Square

Photo from

2. Fifth Avenue Place

Need a budget shopping time, but also don’t want to thrive into something more than shopping in Pittsburgh? Walk along to this glass building that offers the best brand buys of Pittsburgh. Located in Pittsburgh Downtown, Fifth Avenue Place lines a pretty long street with a bunch of specialty stores, souvenir shops, apparel outlets, and gift stores. You should indeed visit some of the iconic shops such as Laurie’s Hallmark, Di Cello’s Gallery, and Katy’s Kandy.

The warm and welcoming aura at this place could amaze you as no other shopping destinations would ever give in such calmful and charming beauty to the shoppers. The lovely sidewalks and rustic European style arcades all add to the shimmer and shine of this bustling place. Now, that you might seem tired of all the walking, take a break at the delicious eateries, arousing you with their scrumptious aromas. There are some of the lip-smacking flavors of Italian pizzas, frothy frappuccinos, and rich wines. So, fill in your buggies and tummies pretty full!

The entrance of Fifth Place Avenue, shopping at Fifth Place Avenue

Photo from

3. Ross Park Mall

An elite abode for the ultimate shopping experience, Ross Park Mall is the queen of shopping malls in Pittsburgh. If you admire and crave infinitely to go window shopping or actually buy (considering your pockets are dangling with money) the trendiest brands and the latest collections, then you must indeed head out to this busy shopping center. But, worry not! Ross Park Mall is not just reserved for the daunting brands. It does welcome everybody to its cozy shopping culture.

A short drive away from Pittsburgh Downtown, Ross Park Mall features affordable shopping too. Mostly tagged as an ideal shopping retreat, you could find so many outlets of Aldo, Aunty Anne’s, The Cheesecake Factory, and Courtyard Winery. And, of course, it focuses on bringing the most classic restaurant experience along with takeaway food counters and drive-in stations. The delicacies, beverages, and patisserie outlets like the common Subway, Starbucks, Panera Bread, and much more are always open to refresh and replenish yourselves after a tiring shopping day at Ross Park Mall.

View of Ross Park Mall, Shopping at Ross Park Mall

Photo from Post Gazette

4. SouthSide Works

Another busy shopping stop placed by the banks of Monongahela River, SouthSide Works is much more than a normal shopping complex. There are elaborate office spaces, entertainment lobbies along with a wide range of fashion and souvenir outlets. It might be a rare occurrence to find thrilling hike trails leading to a riverfront parkland as a part of a shopping mall. Welcoming kids, youngsters, oldies and even, your pets for a totally revamping shopping time, SouthSide Works have undergone so many modern constructional changes to provide such an immaculate experience for all.

You get wholesome full-day fun elements while shopping, dining, working and even, attending live sessions and other events at this wonderful shopping complex situated on the South Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh. If you are around the city during the holiday seasons, you should certainly plan a day at SouthSide Works to get hold of a plethora of community activities. 

The natural riverfront adds in a panorama of serenity while you spent shopping around the stores of Claire’s, Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh, NeoVision, and American Eagle. And finally, you could easily wind up your day with a relaxing time near the waterfront, besides the plenty of food & savory counters such as Qdoba Mexican Grill, Sake Asian Cuisine and Sushi Bar or Crazy Mocha. So, ready to plan a day at SouthSide Works?

Nighttime at SouthSide Works, Shopping at SouthSide Works

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5. Shadyside

Want some really cool or vintage charms to decor your home furnishings? Shadyside would the best place for your brains to just explode with happiness if you’re somebody who adores neat and cool styles for shopping. Just as the name suggests, the neighborhood of Shadyside has been warmly nested with trees along the streets and quaint residential areas around. The shopping experience is quite diverse deriving a lot of ideas and antiques that are pleasant surprises for its visitors.

Starting from upscale boutiques and customized couture to quirky and unique gifts, Walnut Street and Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside brings you multiple choices, some of the most popular shops around include The Dress Circle, Cienne Designs Vintage Market, Rad Ritual, Maser Gallery, Weisshouse, Alexi and Ani, Toadflax and a lot more under fashion, accessories, wellness and health sectors. A good walk through the subtle streets is also well-recommended giving you the perks of enjoying the premises. To sum up, settle down around comfy food clubs, the famous gay bar, or even at a fancy restaurant like Harris Grill, Eden, Prantl’s, and so on.

Walnut Street at Shadyside, Shopping at Shadyside

Photo from Walnut Capital

There are many more up the list of shopping hotspots such as Bloomfield, Lawrenceville, South Hills Village, etc. So, gear up your shopping skills to go down hunting along the lively streets & malls in Pittsburgh for worthy antiques, unique curios and so much of local & international fashion brands. And, never miss out on the yummy and flavorsome foods from the different & diverse restaurants and food chains. Happy shopping, fellas! ;)

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