Top Attractions at Pittsburgh, Golden Triangle at Pittsburgh

Top Attractions You Should Never Miss At Pittsburgh!

Aug 25, 2020Keith Cathcart

A wonderful trip across the beautiful city of Pittsburgh will always be memorable for the avid traveller in you. Such is the unique experience that awaits you in this Steel City. With the Golden Triangle at the City Downtown and other historic sites & sports fields, the city weaves limitless memories for your trip. Every Pittsburgher adores their cult and, hence own a close bonding with its neighbourhoods. Here, are the top 5 attractions at Pittsburgh, which you should never miss out on a ‘Burgh tour!

1. Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Wanna spend a wholesome time amidst the greens of the city? Take a stroll right into this epitome of sustainable nature at Schenley Park. Located at the neighbourhood of Oakland, Phipps Conservatory is constructed on interesting, classy Victorian architecture. Besides, the combination of a vast variety of formal gardens and exotic plants is definite to captivate your eyes. 

Top Attractions at Pittsburgh, Sunken Garden at Phipps Conservatory

Image credits: File:Phipps Conservatory Sunken Garden fall 2015.jpg

The Center for Sustainable Landscapes, a well-designed greenhouse, is the most remarkable piece of architectural excellence integrated with an environmentally sustainable landscape. Every Pittsburgher can probably never stop boasting of the exclusive rooms of the Indoor Gardens, devoted to abundant rare flora from various places around the world. The Outdoor Gardens also stand equally entertaining for the visitors. You will certainly enjoy the entire day at Phipps on a 90-minute long walk around the Conservatory, exploring & engaging in nature!

2. Strip District

Besides a land of rustic historic landmarks, Pittsburgh is also the exciting city in Pennsylvania. The most intriguing place for the vibrant and ‘happening’ spot in the neighbourhood of Pittsburgh is the Strip District. Originally an industrial area lining the Allegheny River, locals call it the ‘the Strip’, holding relevant for this one-half square mile district near Downtown. 

A commercial hub for shopaholics & foodies, Strip is uniquely Pittsburgese cult. The ethnic grocers and sidewalk vendors are likely to set in the mood for the local experience at Pittsburgh. You will never miss out to devour the signature sandwiches of Primanti Brothers and other amazing local eateries. 

Top Attractions at Pittsburgh, Outlet of Primanti Bros.

Image Credits: File:Pittsburgh Strip District Primanti Bros.jpg

3. Mount Washington

A visit to the glass city will remain short with a billion-dollar view to the charming heights of Mount Washington. Once a historic land to many battles around Monongahela river, Mt. Washington is now a popular residential spot and a major tourist attraction. The beauty of the hills can be captured at its best with the Duquesne Incline and the famous Grand View Avenue

The iconic inclines trace back from the historic backdrop of coal mines to the picturesque downtown, right at the confluence of the three rivers - Allegheny River, Monongahela River and Ohio River. The fine-dine spaces up at the mountain and a photo at the Point Of View Statue are the travellers’ pick at this awe-inspiring location.

Top Attractions at Pittsburgh, View of Downtown from the incline

Image Credits: File:Downtown Pittsburgh seen from Mt. Washington.jpg

4. Carnegie Museums

The interesting series of four museums at the neighbourhood of Oakland and North Shore is a beauty to the epic history of Pittsburgh. They were originally envisioned by Andrew Carnegie, but, presently operated by the Carnegie Institue, inspiring the evolution of science, history and art.

First in line, at close vicinity to the downtown are the ones at Oakland - Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Carnegie Museum of Art. The science of Biodiversity is the prime topics of study at the Museum of Natural History. The Jurassic lovers are sure to exclaim with joy at the 230 dinosaur displays of the museum. The Museum of Art is the revolutionary display of Modern Art of all centuries from European and American culture. 

The other two are situated to the north shore of Pittsburgh. The Carnegie Science Centre is the most visited one is in the Chateau neighbourhood. It encompasses all top-notch science exhibits including planetariums, robotics and sports works. The Andy Warhol Museum is avidly devoted to the iconic artist Andy Warhol and his artworks & films. Altogether these four aims to propagate the cultural growth and technological outburst, in Pittsburghese history.

5. Cathedral of Learning

Top Attractions at Pittsburgh, Tower of Cathedral Of Learning

Photo by Guido Coppa on Unsplash

The gothic excellence of all times, the Cathedral of Learning is the integral tourist space at The University of Pittsburgh. The University itself is a famous point of global architecture with its neoclassical style. ‘Cathy’, as referred by a few Pixburgh’ students,  is one of the tallest educational building in the country. 

The curious element is the wide range of Nationality rooms, together with other study lounges and educational labs. You will certainly be engaged at the 31 nationality rooms, portraying the diverse ethnicities and global culture. The historic tower marks a unique attribute to the cultural impact and life at Pittsburgh. The love and devotion of the terrain to learning is neatly inscribed with an extraordinary ability to delicate detailing on the appealing building. 

Pittsburgh is not just a land of intricate design and administration, but constantly nurtures and evolves with its diverse history and development. The mighty and beautiful city is home to locals and migrants. These major spots and many others add a lively and thriving grandeur to the city. Explore the amazing fun-filled activities and history of da ‘Burgh; its sports, cult, history and amazing human beings. And, we love and own all of it!

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