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Never Miss These Sports Attractions in Pittsburgh!

Nov 07, 2020Keith Cathcart

Wondering how much more entertaining the sports cult of Pittsburgh could be? Well, the sports fervor of Pittsburgh is not just its die-hard sports fans and home teams. The ‘Sports City’ has a lot of surprising locations with lovely stories down the history lane. So, a tour around the astonishing sports attractions of da ‘Burgh is a must!

Starting with the trademark of the city back in the 90s, the Three Rivers Stadium, the city owns some fond memories for most of its sports. Though the 50-year-old stadium suffered an unfortunate demolition in 2001, Pittsburgh has always remained profound in building and preserving more of its top-notch sports love through majestic game fields and sports arenas.

Civic Arena at Pittsburgh

Photo from Post Gazette

The long list of epic sites like the Roberto Clemente Museum, Heinz History Center, and Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is simply a never-ending one. Yet, here’s a glimpse of a few of the high-spirited spots of Pittsburgh where all you adore would be the cheering crowd!

1. Heinz Field

You never be an actual yinzer if you haven’t gone crazy at least once, in the Heinz Field for a charging soccer game. Such is our love and admiration from the heart of Pittsburgh for its famous home team, the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Located steadily on the banks of the Ohio River, Heinz Field is a glamorous venue for a perfect sports tour. And, Steelers fans are sure to hit a cloud nine while walking into the exclusive locker rooms of Steelers with interesting football curios. The grand seating capacity and field design are worth remarkable to enjoy a soccer game with energy and enthusiasm. Along with Steelers, the college team Pittsburgh Panthers also share the field as their home ground.

Aerial View of Heinz Field Pittsburgh

Photo from Reddit

If you are a sports freak visiting the city, you should never miss out on the Steelers racing on their home ground at Heinz Field. You will surely love the avid joy and enthusiasm of yinzers, cheering around in their pop-slangs; as the homies kick in goals!

2. PNC Park

Another classic game field of Pittsburgh is PNC Park which acquired all the beauty and modernity of the city. The ballpark, undoubtedly the home of Bucs, is situated on the shores of Allegheny River. Pittsburgh Pirates, rightfully hold PNC Park as their home ground, being an MLB franchise.

The stadium stands near the Sixth Street Bridge as a mindful honor to the late Roberto Clemente, an outstanding Pirate. Its ‘retro-classic’ style is one of the many unique features such as riverside concourse and best seating designs. The immaculate views of the Pittsburgh skyline and the mighty procession of spectators on a game day on the Roberto Clemente Bridge are out-of-the-world memories for every visitor to the city and the proud yinzers as well!

Aerial View of PNC Park at Pittsburgh

Photo by Ruban Campos from wpxi

PPG Paints Arena

PPG Paints Arena seems to be an all-rounder kid in a mighty class of dedicated students. Though a home ground to the Pittsburgh Penguins of NHL, PPG Arena is a great multi-purpose indoor arena in Pittsburgh. It has also aced the race of structural design, attaining the title of ‘Best Concert Venue’ and ‘Best NHL Arena’.

Being a versatile entertainment hub, you will be amazed to find a large series of events organized at PPG Arena. The comfort of the location as a sports place or professional space is indeed worth a note. Whether to shout out loud for an amazing hockey game or to attend a concert, yinzers head straight into this dynamic spot at the Downtown of Pittsburgh. 

PPG Arena in Pittsburgh

Photo from rateyourseats.com

4. Highmark Stadium

A full-fledged huge stadium in the Station Square of Pittsburgh, this Stadium is an ideal soccer stadium for USL Championships. The home ground of Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC nestles beautifully near the Monongahela River, facing the downtown skyline of the city.

It’s worth a special mention about FIFA certified artificial lighted turf

Similar to PPG Arena, this game field is a spectacular spot with pristine views of downtown and the river. Festivities seek a colorful backdrop at Highmark Stadium among concerts and other celebrated moments of us, yinzers. With a premium experience of banquet and bistro, this elegant location has all our hearts amongst soccer, rugby, archery, and hockey!

Highmark Stadium at Pittsburgh

Image Credits: highmarkstadium.com

A tidbit: A trip down the memory lane, Civic Arena was a mark of pride in Downtown Pittsburgh. Looking more like an igloo house, this was intricately designed as an opera house but ended to be a game field later on. Sadly, it was demolished in 2012 due to maintenance issues.

Our phenomenal sports spirits don’t limit to our stadiums and sports fields but have taken a quite obvious turn into our culture and interests as well. The multitudes of famous sports bars such as Redbeard’s and Birmingham Bridge Tavern are an integral part of our yinzer lifestyle. So, when around Pittsburgh, let the zombies miss out on these wonderful locations and people and not you! ;)) 

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