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These Are The Characteristics Of A True Yinzer

Feb 08, 2022Surya Gopal

The backbone of a city’s culture is its own wonderful and unique set of people. Likewise, we yinzers have become the pillars of the extensive Pittsburghese culture without a doubt. America’s Most Livable City has many stories to narrate; about people and circumstances that transformed a city covered in soot into a green land of education, arts, technology, and a lot more!

Today, Pittsburgh is a mighty asset to the United States. What made all these possible is not merely the legendary figures, higher authorities, and their visions. We yinzers stood by each one of such projects to make it into a grand success from time to time. Simply words will not suffice in describing this populace of hardworking, sincere, and fun-loving minds of Pittsburgh. Moreover, yinzers mostly bloom in Pittsburgh itself, where we were planted.

Friends in a brewery

Photo from PGH City Paper

If you’re a newbie to da ‘Burgh, then you might probably be wondering who a true yinzer is. So, here’s all that makes up a yinzer from Pittsburgh. Explore the various ways we’re passionate about this city and its deep-rooted culture!

1. All are welcome to the city

Most of our ancestors were immigrants from different places. When they came in search of jobs, the industries lay wide open before them. That’s the exact beginning point for a thriving blue-collar culture in the city of Golden Trio for many years.

Hence, we are aware of the need to be kind and cordial to our fellow beings as well as the newbies. With a wide array of universities, colleges, office spaces, and much more filling up most of Pittsburgh, a lot of people from around the world come down to Pittsburgh. Be it a student, a casual visitor, or an employee, we yinzers live it up to being the ‘City With A Smile’.

Yinzers together  beyond age

Photo from AARP

Wherever you go, there’ll always be a bunch of kind-hearted humans ready to help you with directions and other help. The city’s locale holds a down-to-earth attitude, adding to their Pittsburghese charm.

2. Sports spirit is almost certain

There’s an almost negligible number of yinzers who might not be into sports fever. And, that accounts for why Pittsburgh bleeds black and gold always! We are so passionate about our hockey nights, football games, and all other sporting genres.

While meticulously trying to build a livelihood, family, and moving ahead through the life-long struggles, our great grandfathers and grandmothers piqued their interest in sports. Though it started out as a leisurely activity, gradually it gave them a homely feeling; a sense of belonging as they cheered out for their favorite players. Even legendary sportscasters like Mike Lange elevated their spirits with lively delivery.

Sharing the sports spirit was more like a symbol of fraternity. It became almost a ritual to forget themselves and fully immerse in a joyful game experience. And, we still follow ourselves through their lines!

Yinzers on a game day

Photo from Visit Pittsburgh

3. Our resiliency is strong and brave

From the beginning until now, Pittsburgh saw a huge number of people flowing into its neighborhoods over time. And, more than often, survival has been the reason why our ancestors came and settled here. However, the journey was filled with a lot of hardships.

There were many differences such as that of language, ethnicity, culture, and more. But, they found their way right through and were able to establish a sense of familiarity with each other. This was especially evident among the middle-class families who shed their blood and sweat at the steel industries.

Many crises occurred wherein the common class had to stay hungry and fight their superiors for what was rightful. This blood runs through our veins as well. So, we never hesitated to remain for our land and preserved the cultural landmarks; our ever-flowing story of resilience!  

Blue-collar yinzers from past

Photo from Zocalo Public Square

4. We are a bunch of non-pretentious ones

We have always spent our time in and around this city. This keeps most of us interconnected to each other. We always keep intact our friendly nature, which leaves most of us brimming with a huge circle of friends and acquaintances. Now, why would anyone be pretentious in our sweet circles?

Also, our unique way of being connected to each other is commonly termed as the Six Degrees Of Pittsburgh. We might sound ‘nebby’ to you at first glance. But, then you’ll realize how we were simply trying to refresh our memories with new and old friend connections. This is always an open door to feel safe and comfortable; the sense of having a friend live nearby around you every time.

Graduating youth in rejoice

Photo from University Of Pittsburgh

5. We embrace all Pittsburghese stereotypes

When it comes to being stereotyped, yinzers are placed first in the row, undoubtedly. Starting from our very own yinz slang and seemingly sloppy accent, most people identify us very well through our talks. Our eating habits with loaded fries are always the talk of the town.

The kinds of stereotypes with which we are often associated are mostly inexhaustive. However, unlike other cities, we never ever feel insecure about our stereotypes. Rather, we proudly embrace them all. Yes, we eat loaded fries, we have chipped-chopped ham in our fridge always, we love a Sarries candy, and we still like the idea of lawn chairs for parking lots. But, we always know one thing - “never be a jagoff or go on nebby”!

A pluck card about yinzers

Photo from Wikipedia

6. Our guests always witness the best of Pittsburgh

Just as much as we like welcoming foreigners and visitors to our city, we also love to show off our cultural aspects. Beyond the breathtaking skylines and fantastic views from Mount Washington, we take our visiting acquaintances to all the legendary landmarks in Pittsburgh.

Our love for the city is even reflected when we spot our city on the screens too. Fort Pitt Tunnel is an emotion as we watch Perks Of Being A Wallflower. Deeply rooted in our traditional values, we are extremely polite to the visitors in the city.

We Are The Forever Super Proud Yinzers!

Yinzers are always and will always be immensely proud to be a part of this magical city. Most of us still stay on the usual idea of “work hard, enjoy the best”. With remarkable living standards, we spread an infectious affection to each other and to newbies too. Maybe, we aren’t the fancy American category of people, yet we take pride in our beliefs and our strong culture!


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