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6 Must-Try Group Activities From Pittsburgh

Jan 02, 2022Surya Gopal

How would you feel spending the best ever break or weekend with the most fun gang at the heart of your favorite city? Overwhelmingly elated, right! Pittsburgh can rightfully serve you the most sublime experiences through each of its nooks and crannies. The Steel City is always brimming with life despite seasons changing or the world growing smaller. And, recreation has always been a characteristic of all yinzers. Though there are way too many wonderful attractions in Pittsburgh, isn’t it time to explore more along with a bunch of fellow yinzers?

If picnics are what popped into your minds right now, then you haven’t felt the crazy side of Arn City. With numerous parks, green places, museums, etc., Pittsburgh radiates its rich and resilient history. However, besides the quaint and tucked-in spots of the city, there’s a lot of activities that gear up every week. Some might sound very usual such as the bike trails or segway tours. Meanwhile, some others get exciting on the go like kayaking, Whiteriver rafting, and so on.

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Finding every little new location on Yelp and trying your success out in entertaining your friend gang seems too tedious. You need a break; not an assignment on how to tune up your adrenaline rush! So, let us help you out here. You’re gonna observe a list of top 6 activities that you must try out with your team in Pittsburgh. Keep adding on more to it and voila, your bucket list for group activities begins here…!

1. Time For Geocaching

Friends’ time is a fun time and what is more interesting than a thrilling game with your buddies! If treasure hunt has been a favorite spot for you since childhood, then you are pretty sure to fall in love with geocaching too.

Geocaching is an extensive real-life scavenger hunt in which you basically search for geocaches. There will be clues to each geocache in the form of GPS coordinates, etc. It’s more like a technically advanced treasure hunt. The geocaches are mostly the hidden spots of Pittsburgh such as parks, forests, hilly areas, and so on. Due to security issues, you require prior permission to allocate geocaches. Yet, it doesn’t take out any fun from the activity at all. Moreover, you get to better connect with nature and learn a lot about this wonderful city too!

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2. Go Skating, Girls!

Skating offers a unanimously terrific experience, especially during the winter season. So, why not take your gang right in for a memorable day! And, this time, you can even gear up to catch a match. Find this amazing women's league called Steel City Roller Derby. The teams face off at proud spokesperson spirits and you can become the inspired girl among your gang.

But, this opportunity is not limited to just women. There is a wide range of skateparks along with a group of enthusiastic minds for roller skating too. Pitcher Park Memorial Skatepark is an incredible hang-out spot to try out something new. Besides, you get to meet more skateboarders with whom you can share your interests. Plan up to get a roller-skating lesson from Neville Roller Drome to keep your spirits going!

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3. Wanna Horse Ride?

Planning to go crazy wild with your group of friends? Then, probably you need to head out to Rolling Hills Ranch in Bridgeville. This place lets you go on horse rides. Even if you're an amateur, the staff will help you accommodate for a gallop. The spot is tucked inwards though it's located just near Pittsburgh downtown.

What's more surprising at this ranch is that rather than morning rides, evenings create a gleaming experience with horse riding. You could go starry-eyed under an open sky, with I'm the fun and frolic amongst your friends or even your beloved one. Also, you can conclude the day with a mesmerizing campfire and dinner plan. Though it lacks the rushful joy, it's sure to offer you a surreal time!

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4. Groove The Arcade Night

Game N'At was a much-familiar location for all the arcade game lovers. But, there's a new place in town to explore much more. It is known as the Coin Operated Hall of Fame, located at Hopewell.

You can enjoy the pinball stations, Pac-Man points, etc. all of which will shower you with memories of your childhood. Moreover, you can even plan a wonderful de-stress hang out for your workforce or team-building purposes here. It offers a highly relaxing and entertaining setup.

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5. Surf Your Way!

Have you been excited about wake surfing in the sea? Then, Pittsburgh has great spots in-store for you. Wait, are you confused about where the seas are and where you would find surfable waves in this city? Well, da ‘Burgh has a handful of outdoor adventure operators to arrange you with the entire setup for wake-style surfing.

Since Pittsburgh is surrounded by rivers on all sides, the basic idea is to generate waves using a specific type of boat and you can simply go bonanza surfing. You can move around downtown with your friends, showing off your surfing skills. Or, if a newbie, the expert hands will always be at your aid, so there's no room for worry. Surf Pittsburgh is one such group that even provides you with surfing boards also.

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6. Camping Down The Night

Camping is another great way to spend your day out with your pals. Maybe not just friends, even family or even workplace acquaintances can get together on the camping grounds. Camping makes room for the scope of intriguing outdoor adventure as well. So, you can buckle up for a little trip to the nearby camping places in Pittsburgh with your loved ones.

Since most of the camping points in Pittsburg are nearby state parks or forests, you can explore an added perk of calling it a day. Plan and organize to hitchhike or invest time in other sports or activities around the area where you plan to camp the night. Cheat Lake and Coppers Forest are one such gorgeous combo at 40 minutes drive distance from Pittsburgh Downtown.

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Grab The Fun With Your Gang At Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh lives up to the title it has earned, being the Most Livable City in all senses. Be it work, education, culture, or arts, the city has always showcased the best talents and insightful resources. And, undoubtedly the same magical experience prevails even in the case of fun activities for individuals and groups. Exclusive locations like Seven Springs Mountain Resort charm you with an array of engaging events, games, and a lot more. So, what are you waiting for? Yes, we know - a perfect weekend for your gang to pull over!


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