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Top 7 Coolest Places Ever To Visit In Pittsburgh!

Dec 22, 2021Surya Gopal

Have you ever felt an urge to explore the best part of a city to its fullest? It’s a real and intimate feeling to witness the beauty of your city in its own unique way. And especially, if you’re a yinzer, Pittsburgh has certainly a lot more in store to unfurl before you, letting you fall in love with it over and over. Taking pride in its blue-collar culture, this city has a spectacular lineup of museums, bridges, steel mills, etc. that reflects its historical heritage unanimously. Yet, more locations have become inevitable in defining the wonders of da ‘Burgh.

Just like history plays a huge role in creating the best attractions of Pittsburgh, arts and entertainment have also elucidated various aspects of Pittsburghese culture. Food and breweries are the other exclusive features of Pittsburgh that assert the magnificence of this Steel City. Even the nooks & crannies and the quirks & oddities of the city seem to have an interesting backstory or cultural significance, forming an attractive location to spend your weekend at.

People at Three Rivers Arts Festival

Photo from Post Gazette

Some of the few interesting spots that are sure to pick your attention in Pittsburgh include the Society for Contemporary Crafts in Butler Street, Soergel Orchards in Wexford, and the Emerald View Park in Bailey Avenue. Society for Contemporary Arts is an open space to bring together contemporary art forms beyond regional, or international differences. Emerald View Park is the largest municipal park in Pittsburgh meanwhile, Soergel Orchards is a unique farm area that offers yummy food and a lot more goodies.

Similar to these unique spots, there are many more one-of-its-kind locales of Pittsburgh that have an exquisite narrative and amusing yinzers to welcome you all along. So, why not delve into such cool hangout spots of the city? Let’s take a look at the top 5 locations in Pittsburgh to indulge in the coolest experience ever!

1. Bob’s Garage

Bob’s Garage during the Christmas season

Photo from Pittsburgh Magazine

Well, what’s Pittsburgh without a nice odd bar, right? And, that’s exactly why we have Bob’s Garage first up the list. While the city has tonnes and tonnes of breweries, wineries, and more, we tend to turn our attention to exploring authentic and exclusively brewed beverages. However, Bob’s Garage stands out from the rest due to its visual appeal!

Yes, you read it right! Probably, you might relate an aesthetic element to bars. But, Bob’s Garage is simply a color burst in its appearance. Situated in Blawnox, this dive bar is as colorful as the streets of Randyland. You will find party streamers, balloons, and a lot more decors adorning this place like a season-themed party. Altogether, Bob’s Garage offers a nice and warm ambiance with classic beer choices and modest food servings. End your day with house-full karaoke sessions and you get to take home is a bagful of memories and yummy food!

2. Inventionland

Concept Kitchen in Inventionland


Photo from Inventionland

Now, jumping right off to our next stop, we have a peculiarly surprising place in entire America. Inventionland is the headquarters office which is a creativity hub. This office space knows no bounds in channeling creativity to its fullest and has created some cool and amazing works that brim with unique and special ideas.

The building is located in RIDC Industrial Park with a concept kitchen, creative cavern, inventor’s treehouses, creativity cabin, and more which are appealing to their staff as well as any visitors. It’s truly a work environment where “thinking out of the box” really gets you grooving. It was the brainchild of George Davison, aiming to create a distinctive office that inspires creativity every now and then. People who require creative assistance and the ones who want to exhibit their creative expertise are most welcome to witness and enjoy this invention factory.

3. Construction Junction

Construction Junction

Photo from Pittsburgh Magazine

While Pittsburgh is popular as Steel City, there’s might be a conclusive thought regarding the number of raw materials used and thrown out. Wondering whether these will contribute to the detrimental effects on the planet? Well, not anymore! Construction Junction is your answer to sustainability in Pittsburgh.

Reusing construction materials requires a planned effort. And, at Construction Junction, the team is all set to take up the mission to conserve. This is a non-profit organization focused to bring a change around them.

Currently, the office space of Construction Junction is at East End. The friendly and thoughtful Pittsburgh city administration and the help of various communities have graciously contributed towards the growth of this non-profit. Further, make your environment-friendly move by being a part of the big fundraising event, The Big Pour!

4. Tree Tops Restaurant

Tree Tops restaurant

Photo from Hughes Travel

Fallingwater might be a popular and fascinating spot in Pittsburgh when it comes to epitome architecture. But, did you ever know that a mystic restaurant was present in Acme town of Laurel Highlands? If you want to enjoy nature’s beauty at its best in a quaint place, then you should certainly check out this ecstatic restaurant called Tree Tops.

Even the journey towards this spot is enlivening as you glide your car through the magical mountains. This eatery is ideal to spend a picturesque evening after spending a good time exploring the Fallingwater and Wright’s Duncan House. It’s a snug place, making it a romantic haven for the perfect dinner date. The restaurant is tucked beside the mountains in the treetops and offers varying menu options based on different seasons as well.

5. MLK Community Mural Project

Mural Painting

Photo from The Rise Up Group

The people of Pittsburgh are all about connecting to each other over shared interests of food, culture, art, and entertainment. One such unique and warm place to engage in is the MLK Community Mural Project. As the acronym expands, it is the Moving the Lives of Kids Comunity initiative. It’s a public arts organization concentrating on developing art together with youth.

It was founded by a famous muralist Kyle Holbrook with the motive to create mindful and comforting community spaces through the medium of art. MLK Mural takes up projects to inspire people towards a better future where most members are students or youth. There are also collective efforts to immortalize the history of Pittsburgh through mural art with historical narratives. This community has a vivid physical space in the Shadyside neighborhood of the city.

Explore The Entertaining Elements Of Pittsburgh!

Skyline of Pittsburgh

Photo from Pixabay

All of the aforementioned locations are few among the multitudes of interesting ones. Attractions such as The Pottery Place, and Duquesne Brewery Clock have a unique charisma and aesthetic that the memories of Pittsburgh will almost stay etched in your brain. You will even find the beautiful Cherry Blossoms in springtime to be an alluring sight to relish. So, buckle up for your weekend and set out on an expedition exploring the hidden gems of Pittsburgh and trying out the coolest things ever in Arn City!


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