The History of "The Strip District" in Pittsburgh, Pa

The History of "The Strip District" in Pittsburgh, Pa

Mar 12, 2020Keith Cathcart
“The Strip District,” a piece of Pittsburgh history that emulates the booming industrial economy that incentivized millions of immigrants to come to Pittsburgh. James O’Hara and George A. Bayard originally purchased the land in 1814. Adjacent to the Allegheny River, this area became an ideal spot for industry and business. Iconic businessmen such as Andrew Carnegie and George Westinghouse spent infancy years in this district, proving that greatness can come from anywhere. Not only was this area an industrial hub, but it quickly became the heart of wholesale produce by the 20th century. Despite success and fame over years of growth, eventually, adversity came to test its resilience. The Saint Patrick’s Day flood of 1936 and the Great Depression brought injury, destruction, economic hardship, and the displacement of many Yinzers. As the Depression eased, growth returned to the Strip, although the popularity of wholesale produce diminished. Today the Strip District is vibrant and quirky, welcoming all to embark on a journey of history and the growth of Pittsburgh. Some of the most widespread incentives of the Strip District are Primanti Brothers sandwiches, Pennsylvania Macaroni Company, Klavon’s Ice Cream, and Wholey’s Fish Market.  This historic area serves as a testimony to the resilience of the city and to the ever-growing nature of Pittsburgh. Whether you were purchasing produce in the 20th century or eating the best sandwich from Primanti Brothers, the Strip District is an inevitable reminder that Pittsburgh is one of a kind experience.

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