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Top 6 Quintessential Experiences You Should Try In Pittsburgh

Sep 29, 2021Surya Gopal

A beautiful haven of unique culture and amazing people, Pittsburgh has something epic always. Even if it’s your first day at the place or you’ve been here ever since the city of yinzers is filled with sweet surprises. The most interesting part about Steel City is that numerous breathtaking attractions reflect the beauty of the city with much splendor. Be it the iconic flavors that you might binge on or just a casual visit to the nearby attraction, it all radiates the yinzer vibes almost infinitely!

When hitting the roads of Pittsburgh for the first time, there is an approximate checklist of the things to do and the places to visit here. But, let’s go beyond the usual! While shopping in the Strip District for the weekends or attending an event Downtown for the festive season become repetitive activities, we must definitely go hunting for the rarer places and localities around.

Arsenal Cider House

Photo by Next Pittsburgh

The long list of places where you can spend the day is almost non-exhaustive. Yet, why worry about making an exclusive Pittsburghese bucket list when we have got it covered for you? Yes! It’s quite exciting to share the top 6 places in Pittsburgh that offer a one of its kind experience to every yinzer as well as newcomer to the city. Let’s jump right in and explore more of the Iron City, starting from Maggie’s Farm Rum to Row House Cinema.

1. Maggie’s Farm Rum

Wanna start off the expedition with some good drinks? Then head out to Strip District, and there is the lovely abode of Maggie’s Farm Rum. The place offers some of the best-ever flavors of cocktails for you. This craft distillery is the first spot that has provided craft rums commercially in the past.

Grab some of the unique drinks, all made from raw cane in copper wares. You can definitely taste the Caribbean aura with the burst of aroma and flavors of their rums. Their quality is so rich that they got voted as the World’s Best Rum in 2021. So, go ahead and try out various white & brown rums. Of course, don’t miss out on the popular pineapple rum!

Maggie’s farm rum

Photo by Maggie’s farm rum

2. Bantha Tea Bar

Now, if rums and cocktails aren’t your things, wondering where to strike in to grab a good beverage and relax? Pull a gang over to Bantha Tea Bar on Penn Avenue for a good time! With locally sourced foods and beverages, this cute little place is a profound venue for art shows and gatherings; or just to catch up with your friends.

The tea place has a lot of caffeinated and non-caffeinated teas & coffees to binge on. Even for non-coffee or non-tea drinkers, there are a few local goodies such as pastries from Prohibition Pastries to munch on. Their safe and inclusive space is a real boon to Pittsburgh, making it a cozy and happening spot in the city with welcoming staff and a cool ambiance.

Bantha’s tea bar

Photo by Bantha tea bar

3. Murals of Maxo Vanka

Next up, there’s a good spot for art-lovers. The neighborhood of Millvale has a Catholic Church whose behind walls beholds beauty. These mural paintings are the classic work of the popular Croatian artist Maxo Vanka.

St. Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church is a reflection of the revolution, voicing out against power dynamics through his series of 25 murals. Vanka, popularly known as ‘The Diego Rivera of Pittsburgh’, made these artworks between the 30s and 40s. Witnessing the horrors of World War I, he channeled them out through his fierce depictions. There is a strong connection of politics with the Christian beliefs and legends, so beautifully compiled by Vanka. Track your way to the historic suburbs of Millvale to explore this masterpiece.

Maxo Vanka’s murals


Photo by Turnstile Tours

4. Elks’ Banjo Night

There are more artsy juices flowing in! How about a sweet Wednesday night singing and enjoying music? Enjoy a blissful banjo session at Elks in the neighborhood of the North Side. You can even take the big step and roll in for the banjo club at Elks.

Basically, Allegheny Elks hosts a community spot where people connect over food, drinks, and music. There are free rehearsals, and the public is welcome to join in with the musicians and sing along. So, buckle up your night to indulge in traditional Pennsylvania clap-along and music jams!

Banjo Night at Elks

Photo by Post-Gazette

5. William Penn Speakeasy

Wanna immerse in some grandeur and style of the glorious past? Hotel William Omni Penn is your spot to come over. It has an elegant and majestic fine-dine area called William Penn Speakeasy. You can enjoy the vibes from the 1920s while on date night with your beloved one. Or, make a reservation to savor the yummiest dinner and drinks in the city.

Even with rich starters like Local Charcuterie Platter, Smoked Salmon Rosette, and Braised Pork Belly itself, the menu is too appealing and delicious. It goes all the way to serving Grilled Salmon, Pan Seared Amish Chicken, Open-Faced Ravioli, and Prime NY Strip Steak with the sides of Potato Croquette & Baby Bok Choy. Moreover, other food spots like Wigle Whiskey and Terrace Room are closeby the Hotel, making it a cool space to hang out.

William Penn Speakeasy

Photo by Omni Hotels

6. Row House Cinema

Pittsburgh has many movies screened and filmed at its finest landmarks. We always love to spot our locations and neighborhoods while watching Pittsburghese movies. But did you ever know that the city has a full-on theatre to take you down memory lane?

Row House Cinema is a small laid-back theatre for movie lovers. But, here’s the catch; only old, nostalgic movies are screened here. This isn’t a place if you’re looking for new releases for the week. Row House brings all-time favorites and classics, which include Hitchcock & Lynch. Though it has only 83 seats and one movie screen, the experience you will get is worth a million dollars!

Row House Cinema

Photo by Post Gazette

Making Memories For A Life-Time In Pittsburgh

While these are more of Pittsburghese places to visit at least once in your life, there are many more such as Arsenal Cider House and Grist House. Besides, there are once-in-a-blue-moon kinds of activities that flare up the yinzer spirits as well.

Kayaking down the rivers, accompanying young ones for a crazy Jack Rabbit Ride, pedaling the bicycles up along the stiff hills, and the list is never-ending. All of these embody the tiny fragments that Pittsburgh was and today made it up to be. So, let’s dive in and celebrate the memories around here!


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