Pittsburgh Drink Coasters

Pittsburgh Drink Coasters


      Get Cool And Fun Coasters For Your Tables From Yinzershop

      Yinzers are and will always be amazing fellows to one another. We love meeting up and chilling with our gang. Most of you might never ever miss out on an invite for game night at the home of your buddy. Cheering crazily for “Stillers”, yinz love to hog into jumbo burgers and soda pops, anytime and every time!

      If you plan up for such game nights almost every week, you might be tired of cleaning the home after every game night. Do you end up “redding” the rooms tediously? The empty soda pops can be really annoying, we know right! But, Yinzershop can fix this for you!

      Find an amazing and cool collection of good-quality drink coasters for your home or workplace at Yinzershop! This masterpiece decor will perfectly suit your dining tables and workplaces. Our collection is not just another boring set of drink coasters, but an intriguing array of memories for yinzers. The vintage-themed coasters will reflect how you embrace the Pittsburgh spirit undoubtedly!

      Here’s a small sneak peek into our uniquely Pittsburghese collection of drink coasters:

      Put Pop Can Here drink coasters are the perfect picks for your home. If you have people coming over for parties or game nights, this wooden coaster is an easy guide as to where to drop empty or open soda cans. Dropping these cool coasters at different corners of your home will help you not mess up your home interiors while happily hosting your friends and guests!

      Parking For Iron City Only drink coaster is really cool way to spread your yinzer spirits. It can be a fun reminder of how much you’re in love with the city. Maybe, you could even fetch some real Iron City beers with these tags around your home. These ceramic coasters will spruce up your home with yinz memories and fraternity.

      Roberto Clemente Bridge drink coasters can be a respectful memoir in your office spaces as well as at your home. In remembrance of the legendary Roberto Clemente Bridge, these coasters come in a pack of 4 with absorbent ridges.

      Primanti Bros drink coasters come in a pack of 4 as well. These ceramic coasters are beautifully etched with Primanti logos and classic Primanti sandwiches. Among these, you could find both vintage-themed and classic modern-styled coasters that can adorn your dining tables with glimpses of Pittsburgh.