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Roberto Clemente Bridge


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      Being the proud yinzers, we can't help but fall in love over and over with the popular spots in Iron City. Our affection stays unblemished even for our powerful legends who hail from Pittsburgh. Especially from the field of sports; it's a fact that we yinzers adore the epic sportspersons of the city.

      There can't be any day in the lives of yinzers where we don't dream about our favorite teams - Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Steelers, etc. One of the epic sports players from the Steelers team whom yinzers worship is Roberto Clemente. He was a great baseball player, bestowed with the Most Valuable Player award. His glorious career and life are worth heavy appreciation. And, we yinzers have never left a chance to celebrate him.

      Every corner of Pittsburgh is etched with his name, be it schools, museums, or bridges. Cause that's how we shower our love towards our legendary figures in Steel City!

      As majestic as it seems, Roberto Clemente Bridge is one such attractive tribute to this favorite baseball player. This gesture is albeit nothing compared to the elaborate philanthropy he practiced in Pittsburgh. He always cared for young children and supported them financially to remarkable extents. Hats off to immense contributions to our society!

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