Pittsburgh Wall Art Collection

Pittsburgh Wall Art


      Cherish The Corners Of Steel City With Wall Art From Yinzershop

      Every yinzer arranges their personal spaces in homes or offices with the yinz pride. And hence, it needn’t come as a huge surprise that we keep our favorite places in Steel City close to our hearts. As a culturally driven city, Pittsburgh exudes its love for art and artists.

      That’s probably why we host one of the most vibrant arts festivals in America - the Three Rivers Arts Festival. It’s held every year around the month of June, bringing people, arts, culture, and brotherhood into a precious amalgam. 

      The creative events conducted during this period are almost endless. It’s, as though, every corner of this mighty city adorns up to welcome people from around the world to cherish memorable moments!

      Well, good news for, yinz! Yinzershop has a splendid collection in store to refresh the city for you, just like the Three Rivers Arts Festival! Discover these spectacular wall art pieces from our online store that will hold tonnes of memories for you, forever! 

      The high-quality prints will remain intact on the wooden canvas. You could find neighborhood maps, tourist spots, famous Pittsburghese logos, and a lot more etched on them, made available in varying sizes as well. Check out below some of the unique wall art from Pittsburgh:

      Primanti Bros wood sign is a real wood wall art that celebrates Pittsburgh’s secret love affair - the Primanti Bros. The neatly captured logo of the eatery and color print of loaded sammiches will just blow your mind undoubtedly. 3 sizes are available for this wonderful piece and you could choose according to your wish.

      Pittsburgh Stadium & Arena Designs bundle is an irreplaceable addition to your home or office decor items. This precisely contains the perfect pack of all 6 stadiums that Pittsburgh is famous for. It includes the stadium designs of Heinz Field, PPG Arena, PNC Park, Three Rivers Stadium (old and new), and Civic Arena. Individual pieces of these stadiums are also available for purchase now!

      Troy Hill wall art is one of the many wall art from Yinzershop, featuring the map of Troy Hill, a neighborhood in Pittsburgh. The wooden canvas has gracefully encapsulated the charming neighborhood. Find more of these pieces, embossed with maps of Shadyside, Strip District, etc.

      University Of Pittsburgh wall art features the mighty Cathedral Of Learning located on the campus of the University Of Pittsburgh. This historic image is truly a treasure, an anecdote of the past in Pittsburgh. The rough-cut wooden canvas has seamlessly captured the antique print, with a sleek dash of minimalism.