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Indulge In Unique Pittsburgh Experience With These Intriguing Activities!

Oct 23, 2021Surya Gopal

Have you discovered all of Pittsburgh and devoured its essence yet? Well, if you been around da ‘Burgh for some time, it’s pretty obvious that you’ve witnessed the zeal and vigor of the people and the city. Moreover, there are quite a lot of top attractions, lovely neighborhoods, and exciting cuisines awaiting everyone who visits Pittsburgh. And, that’s probably why Steel City proudly owns the title ‘Most Livable City in the World’!

While the city’s history narrates a story of hardships and resilience, it doesn’t put away any fun from the core of being a cool yinzer here. In fact, almost all of the iconic landmarks of the city are embedded with the legacy and craftsmanship of legendary, leaders, artists, and the common class; radiating its vibes forever and always. Even if you’re visiting the Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Museums, or Phipps Conservatory for the 100th time, still it feels new and inspiring.

Families of steelworkers in history

Photo by Library of Congress on Unsplash

Yet, there are a few more quintessential locations in Pittsburgh that can promise you an unforgettable memory of the city and its culture. A long list of best-kept secrets of the city. So, we’ve gathered up a handful among them and made a bucket list of the top 5 activities in Pittsburgh you must engage in to experience the richness of this wonderful city. Let’s jump right in!

1. Cycle Around Da ‘Burgh

Getting started to explore a place begins mostly with a fun touring around. And, Pittsburgh does stand well in hosting numerous options for a city tour such as segway rides, kayaking, cruising, etc. However, let’s quadruple the fun while diving into the underrated hotspots of Pittsburgh with some cycling!

Bike tours are fascinating and special because they let you explore all localities in their true spirits. Especially if you’re a yinzer, you can pace the tour by yourself and go back to living your childhood memories. The city has bike-trailed pathways, so it’s an easy catch. By the riverside, over the bridges, glide down and experience what raw Pittsburgh looks like. Traverse through the food streets too. Or, get luckier to elevate your fun by joining a cycling community!

Cycling on a bridge

Photo by Viktor Keri on Unsplash

2. Enjoy a Magic Show

So, while exploring through the fun and unique activities in Pittsburgh, you can add an interesting event to the list. How about a thrilling magic show? Liberty Avenue hosts a wonderful space for magicians to perform, namely Liberty Magic. You’re sure to hit the perfect entertainment spot with magicians and artists coming together to enthrall us with magic and illusion shows.

This exclusively local corner in Pittsburgh has a captivating seating arrangement, drawing all of your attention to the room! Besides, tour behind the curtains and discover the magician’s closet and green room.

Using cards in a magic show

Photo by Edson Junior on Unsplash

3. Visit Fallingwater

Wanted to witness the most adorable art masterpiece? Then, head out Frank Llyod Wright’s iconic house. Though it seems like a fairytale with an artsy house amidst woods and waters, it’s a pretty unique reality. The architectural elements are so striking that you’ll certainly fall in love with the place. That’s why it has been voted up as the ‘Best All-time Work of American Architecture’!

Wright’s mastery in architecture had always been a trademark for Pittsburgh. Hence, Fallingwater just added up like a golden feather to his talents. The mansion neatly rests atop a waterfall in Laurel Highlands. It was originally constructed for a department store, run by Edgar J. Kaufmann, Sr. But soon, it was opened up for the public to tour around. Right now, there are multiple toys options based on your interests, to spend a gracious time at this art of beauty.

You may be truly blessed if you could enjoy a sublime twilight hour at the mansion for a quaint and laid-back weekend; away from the hustles of the city and mundane routines! 

Fallingwater house

Photo from Getty Images

4. Watch A Movie At Balcony

Pittsburgh is famous for a dozen classic movies that were filmed and even for the talented artists it has contributed. Even while arts and culture steam up and set the mood right for yinzers, theatre and movies have a small cozy little corner in our hearts, right! But, how about leveling up that experience a little bit, to a balcony seat viewing?

Hollywood Theatre in Pittsburgh offers an amazing viewing experience. It showcases all iconic movies, old and new that feature most of Pittsburgh and its culture. This theatre space in Dormont owns a legacy from the past, even after moving across so many transitions and changes.

Front view of Hollywood theatre

Photo from Oaklander Online

5. Plan A Bowling Night

Sports spirit and love run through the veins of every yinzer. Pittsburgh Pirates and Penguins keep making the black and gold proud always. Even when our evenings and nights are amped up with game shows, we might have a serious urge to kick into something on our own. And, the Arsenal Bowling Alley is an answer to this!

Other than football and hockey, you are sure to liven up your energy with the bowling time. This awesome game space in Butler Street can engage you further on with lovely game themes too. So, buckle up your evenings, it’s gonna be a bowling night!

A bowling alley

Photo by Jorik Kleen on Unsplash

Feel The Local Vibes With Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is an emotion while estimating it on so many different levels. What makes it irreplaceable is its people who make it a special place to thrive altogether. Go exploring more of this lovely city to truly embrace yinzer-hood. Also, keep going ahead with more add-ons for this bucket list of epic activities to do at Pittsburgh!


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