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Must-Try Exclusively Pittsburghese Experiences To Make Your Day

Nov 02, 2021Surya Gopal

The Steel City is a sweet surprise to all its people when it comes to exploring the city's glorious culture. You might find a dozen of places that uniquely belong to this beautiful city. Yet, you could miss out on some of the best-kept secrets of Pittsburgh as well. Along with the stories of pierogies, Steelers, Strip District, and yinzers, there are more exemplary places and narratives of Pittsburgh to explore. How about hitting them all to have more fun in the city?

Starting with the seasonal festivities to the unique food culture of the city, we have always known all things that Pittsburgh is famous for. Besides these, the ‘City of Bridges’ owns many legendary figures too, such as Robert Clemente, and Andy Warhol. They built the city’s eclectic history and landscape with their passionate efforts. Spending a full-on vacay day at Pittsburgh can be joyful amidst these endless landmarks like parks, rivers, gardens, and museums in da ‘Burgh.

East Carson Street

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However, Pittsburgh always has more in store. You could try making a bucket list of uniquely Pittsburghese places or activities, but the list will still go on and on. While enjoying the fireworks on Fourth Of July up the PPG Arena is incredible, here are more terrific spots to dig in to fully immerse in the yinzer-hood!

1. Dive into the joyful winter season

Festivities are the greatest times to hang around with your loved ones in the gorgeous city of Pittsburgh. Even though the usual occasions of Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. are exciting, it's more about getting into the festive mood! And, what better than a day-long festival to kickstart the festive season of winter?

Here's the unique Pittsburghese family festival that amps up the whole of Pittsburgh Downtown, the Light Up Night Festival. All the flea markets, Christmas sales, street vendors, and so on flood the place with attractive shopping deals. Also, heads up for enticing concerts, rock shows, and more artistic performances!

PPG Arena during Christmas season

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Welcome and celebrate the season while seeking its traditional styles too. You can find lighted Christmas trees all over the city. Market Square bustles with people, coming together to devour the magical opening to the winters. The day hosts one of the biggest events in Pittsburgh.

2. Have a legendary lunch

Exploring the food scenes in Pittsburgh is a real-time experience in Pittsburgh. But, what if you get to try them from an iconic location in the city? Head down to Market Square and find the epic Original Oyster House. This seafood restaurant has been in the city for the past 150 years. Undeniably, a historic landmark for Pittsburgh!

You are sure to catch the aura of a museum itself at this place. Apart from a few integrated technologies, the restaurant seems straight out of the 90s. The fresh seafood that you can hog onto is also worth special mention. The fried seafood platter with delightful sauces will take you to cloud nine. They still preserve their charm with cheap and yummy food options. Plan lunch at this restaurant to devour some appetizing fish sandwiches too!

Original Oyster House

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3. Witness the magic of illusion 

Pittsburgh has an interesting landscape along with an admirable skyline. The streets of Pittsburgh themselves are the greatest examples for them. They are notoriously famous for being risingly steep. However, have you ever experienced an optical illusion of defying gravity? If not, then you must certainly line up a visit to the Gravity Hill in Pittsburgh.

In Allegheny County, right between McKinney Road and Kummer Road, you can find this magical spot in North Park. And to actually have the no-gravity feeling, stop your car near the stop sign on Kummer Road. Then, put your car in neutral gear mode, and there you go! You will feel like you are actually resisting gravity and moving up the hill. Stranger as it appears, there is no idea as to the reason behind this crazy phenomenon or whether it's just an optical illusion.

Gravity Hill in North Park

Photo from SW Penna

Yet, this hidden secret in Pittsburgh will amuse you. Also, go around the locality and spend a wholesome time in the nearby park also. Especially, bring on kids to this little picnic and let them explore the wonders of physics!

4. Go spooky in Allentown

Are you a fan of quirky oddities and eerie Halloween vibes? Then, Trundle Manor in Swissvale might be your pick on an unoccupied day. But, did you ever know that a more eventful locale existed in Pittsburgh which will blow your mind? Well, welcome to The Weeping Glass, an oddities shop in Allentown.

This store is a blend of magic, macabre, antique, history, and mostly art. However, it also serves as an event venue for spooky-themed performances. Also, if you're interested, then try your hand in tarot reading or taxidermy! Mostly, the place showcases unique storytelling events that deal with murder, mystery, or tragedy. To spice up the ambiance, even the delicacies served are inspired by dark magic! And hey, don't forget to buy one or two eccentric pieces to show off to your friends. ;)

Exhibits in The Weeping Glass

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5. Get starry-eyed with artsy styles

Talking about the various arts and culture festivals hosted by Pittsburgh every year could go on and on. We, yinzers are proud to be a part of this mighty city that opens up its spaces for all kinds of celebrations. Though Three Rivers Arts fest is one of the major festivals of Pittsburgh, there are many more lined up for all the remarkable artists. Art All Night fest is one such innovative take, held for 22 hours in the month of April.

Now, beyond the fact of being an arts fest, this show incites a relevant discussion - the exhibition of an uncensored art show for independent artists. The event is well-organized by a bunch of volunteers who stay enthusiastic and energetic for the show to go live! Have fun with the arcade games, watch art develop from the mastermind artists, jam to good music, and finally finish up with a tummy full of delicious Pittsburghese favs.

Art works for Art All Night fest

Photo from The Incline

Embrace The Classic Yinzer Vibes Of Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh is a dream when it comes to enjoying the local spots, hanging out with friends & family, and discovering the rich past of the city. Even when you think you have had a glimpse of all of Pittsburgh, there appear more places or food that you must certainly try out. But, the only thing that will remain forever is the warmth and kindness held by every yinzer in the town. So buckle up and go crazy, excavating new nooks and crannies of Pittsburgh. Like there's light at the end of every tunnel, there will always be a yinzer to help you put in your adventure! ;))


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