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How well do you know about our ‘City of Bridges’? Well, our culture has always been distinct and ecstatic with numerous elements that have added up to being ‘Iconic City’ in America over years. Yinzers take pride in the wide and far built history, people (the yinzers, of course!), amazing attractions, and the spellbound spirits of lifestyle in the city. And, all of these have mounted up and become an irreplaceable part of Pittsburgh.

One such relevant hotspot of Pittsburgh is its wide array of beautiful bridges. Being surrounded by rivers all around, the ‘City of Bridges’, as the name suggests, owns a series of well-constructed bridges that interlinks multiple localities and neighborhoods. The color and vibrance of the city aren’t limited to the structural elegance of these beauties but extend to be a cultural trademark. Often marked as historic landmarks, the bridges in Pittsburgh are always the tourists’ hubs. We also have our epic personalities embedded in the names of these bridges, at times. The classic Roberto Clemente Bridge is one such popular spot.

Roberto Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh

Photo from Etsy

Having said that, you might’ve certainly recognized the cherished roles of bridges in the Pittsburghese cult. So, let’s discover the top 5 bridges in the city!

1. Andy Warhol Bridge

Is there any visitor who hasn’t wished to capture a picture of the yellow-textured beauty amidst the skyline of Pittsburgh? We wonder, indeed! Built across the Allegheny River, it’s the Seventh Street Bridge, popularly known as Andy Warhol Bridge. And for its marvelous structure, the decision to honor the iconic artist and enthusiast, Andy Warhol as the bridge name is applaudable. Andy Warhol Bridge was constructed and opened to the public in 1926. 

Encompassing the panorama of Pittsburgh Downtown, the Three Sisters are a parallelly aligned series of 3 bridges. And, Andy Warhol Bridge constitutes one of these 3 self-anchored suspension bridges. In 2013, the bridge was the venue for a curious event, ‘Knit the Bridge’. The bridge was covered with above 500 crocheted and knitted panels as a part of the yarn bombing project. Andy Warhol Bridge is the forever famous location of Pittsburgh, connecting Sandusky Street to the North Shore of Pittsburgh.

Andy Warhol Bridge in Pittsburgh

Photo from Flickr

2. Rachel Carson Bridge

Another worthy member of the Three Sisters, Rachel Carson Bridge is a must-visit for its stunning location and view. Originally named Ninth Street Bridge, it also spans across the Allegheny River. Opened for transport use in 1926, Rachel Carson Bridge is named in tribute of the famous naturalist and author, Rachel Carson who’s a proud native of Pittsburgh’s Springdale neighborhood.

Owing to its self-anchored suspension in construction, it has four vehicle lanes. Lately, the bridge had closed down for travel & walks in 2019 for rehabilitation purposes for the bridge. But, it has now reopened in 2020 with a lot of appealing and practical modifications. A special remark to restoring the rustic charm of the lightings and sidewalk of the bridge! Ideally, Rachel Carson Bridge is a connection from Isabella Street to Allegheny State Park.

Rachel Carson Bridge in Pittsburgh

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3. Smithfield Street Bridge

Spread straight across the Monongahela River lies the historically significant Smithfield Street Bridge. This bridge holds the remarkable record of being the oldest steel bridge in Steel City. Originally occupied by the old Monongahela Bridge, Smithfield Street Bridge had replaced the city’s first bridge in 1883. The American Society of Civil Engineers had rightfully assigned this as the national landmark in 1976 as well. To date, it is the longest in-service bridge in Pittsburgh.

Connecting Smithfield Street to Station Square in Downtown, the bridge had undergone modern changes at different times. A rich and colorful palette and architectural lighting were set onto the bridge during 1994. The enticing look of the bridge ends is so part of the popular culture, that it did mark its big-screen presence through movies like Striking Distance and Flashdance.

Smithfield Street Bridge in Pittsburgh

Photo from brook-ward

4. Philip Murray Bridge

Carving the path through the epic moments in history, Philip Murray Bridge has the longest bridge span among all the bridges across the Monongahela River. It was named South Tenth Street Bridge. Traveling back in time to the historic labor movements in America, this bridge has been a crucial witness to all the political developments in Pittsburgh as well. And hence, the bridge is named to honor the first-ever president of the labor union, United Steelworkers of America.

While describing the structural aesthetics of Philip Murray Bridge, we can’t miss out on the fact that it’s the only cable suspension bridge across the Golden Trio of Pittsburgh. Even, the trailing appearance of the bridge towers looks exquisite, with complementing deco-art style.

Philip Murray Bridge in Pittsburgh

Photo by Samuel Sonne

5. Fort Pitt Bridge

Upscaling the cultural and geographical context of Pittsburgh among other cities in America, Fort Pitt Bridge serves to be the entrance to our city. You should never really miss out on the intriguing ride through the Fort Pitt Tunnel and this bridge while entering this city. The bridge also tick-marks an eventful era of technology in architecture brilliance. Becoming the first computer-designed arch bridge in the world, Fort Pitt Bridge is a structural landmark for the city. Coming to the construction novelty, this bridge is the first double-decker bowstring bridge too.

A prominent screen time in the popular movie The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, travel to the Pittsburgh Downtown along the bridge owes a pleasure of its own. Together with the tunnels, Fort Pitt Bridge attributes to upgraded commute options for Greater Pittsburgh metropolitan projects.

Fort Pitt Bridge in Pittsburgh

Photo by Bradly Joines

With striking advents in history, culture, and travel, there are a lot of iconic bridges around Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods. Besides being cult elements, these are interesting factors to pay a visit to our spectral city of wonders and lifestyle. So, don’t miss out on traveling through the top bridges of Pittsburgh, and let’s share the city’s love and pride together!

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