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Popular Craft Breweries In Pittsburgh!

Mar 11, 2021Surya Gopal Collaborator

Wanna go authentic on booze in the brewery hub of Pennsylvania? Most certainly! For a long time, Pittsburgh has been the active happening spot for breweries. It’s a huge industry that’s been so overwhelmed with daily customers walking in & out. Our blue-collared culture backs us up with the strong ‘hard work and chill’ attitude. So, it’s pretty an awesome & cool fact that Steel City is rightfully the city of drinkers, even from the past days.

But, how the beer industry has evolved over decades & centuries is another interesting chapter through the bygone stories of Pittsburgh. Moreover, the brewery industries have taken over through a valuable route among beer lovers. And, that has given rise to the cheery spirits of Craft Breweries. This has got a profound impact on not just we, yinzers but also everybody who visits our city. To be honest, we love & adore our brew tours & trails, moving around the classic breweries in Arn City. It’s a must-try attraction, from the heart of Pittsburgh.

Interior of Couch Brewery, Craft Breweries in Pittsburgh

Photo from City Brew Tours

While brew tours are a huge trend in our city, here’re the top 6 craft breweries in Pittsburgh which have gained traction over the years. So, let’s gooo!

1. Church Brew Works

Ever imagined a booze-up at the corner of an altar inside the church? Well, Church Brew Works gives you access to that. Now an iconic microbrewery, this was a legit church in Lawrenceville until 1993. But, now the brewpub is enlisted as a fine brewery even under the List of Historic Landmarks by Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation.

The beer menu seems quite impressive with various styles such as Baltic Porter. Including phenomenal food options, Church Brew Works stands out in serving premium craft beers. Having a huge ‘church’ space, this brewery can accommodate crowds undoubtedly.

Interior of Church Brew Works

Photo from Church Brew Works

2. Hitchhiker Brewing Company

As extraordinary as the name sounds, Hitchhiker Brewing Company offers special hand-crafted beer. Situated towards the south end of Pittsburgh Downtown, this is quite a small brewing center. And it’s not just beers they provide. There’s a whole wide spectrum of beverages such as local wines, crafted ciders of Pennsylvania, and Hitchhiker Special beers too. The food compliments are also remarkable here; with delicious cuisine dishes and local foods. 

Drinks from Hitchhiker Brewing Co.

Photo from triblive

3. Hop Farm Brewing Company 

What could make a family-run brewery all the way more favorite in Pittsburgh? Of course, with a bunch of strong women! Hop Farm Brewing Company is in the lovely neighborhood of Lawrenceville. Boosting on the sustainable goals, this gem of a brewery can get you the most local variants along with other seasonal styles. Furthermore, this brewery can be rightfully entitled as a great business with optimized utilization of so many natural resources. Yeah, cheers to the ladies for making Pittsburgh feel proud!

A few from their diverse beer styles are barrel-aged Red ales and cranberry Berliner Weiss. The delectables from their menu could also salivate every mouth. A whole range of homemade soups, lofty sausages, pizzas, salads, and a lot more. Besides, the beers are flavored using organic hops too. So, it’s sinful to miss out on this place.

Pint of Beer from Hop Farm Brewing Co.

Photo from visitpa

4. Penn Brewery

Wanna taste the fine beers from the age-old brewery of Pittsburgh? Penn Brewery is your place to go. Began in the 1980s, this brew station is in the North Side neighborhood and features European building fashion. A premier source of hand-crafted beers, Penn has topped many beer festivals in America. From classic ones like German & IPAs to contemporary styles like chocolate beers, it’s more like a one-stop destination for ardent beer lovers. 

Now, what adds more grandeur is the lip-smacking foods that they serve down the dine-in and lunch tables. The wide range of ethnic Pittsburghese and continental cuisines are all available, made from locally-sourced ingredients. Plus, a thumbs up for their adorable pretzels! So, this is a must-try point to sense the legendary backdrop of breweries in America too.Outside Penn BreweryPhoto from Flickr by Brook Ward

5. Grist House Brewery

To all beer lovers who wish to bring their doggy acquaintances, Grist House is perfectly devoted for you! Move around the northside of Pittsburgh Downtown a bit and you can find this brew station, right in Millvale. Surprisingly, this brewery is an actual house; owned and run by a family. So, you’re sure to enjoy the ambiance and fun at Grist House.

There’s a whole wide spectrum of beer styles covered at Grist House. To name a few, they have coffee porters, hoppy IPAs, and Hefeweizens. With elaborate & unique seating options, the happy hours you will be enjoying with people here are gonna be special.

Evening at Grist House Brewery

Photo from Post Gazette

East End Brewing Company

Who’s up for fresh local beers? If you wanna go all local in Pittsburgh, East End Brewing is a perfect match. Located in the East End itself, this brewery has been a major production house of beers as well. A dash of freshly brewed beer is nice & smooth to taste the flavors of authentic Pittsburghese. Throughout the year, East End Company offers 35 different varieties of beer to its visitors. Some of the beer options are Hefeweizen and lemongrass wit. Bringing in experimental twists in seasonal flavors is their top-point.

Pints of Beer at East End Brewing Company

Photo from East End Brewing

For the immaculate love for beers, Pittsburgh has new brewing outlets open almost every single day. But still, there’s a sheer liking towards the already established ones mentioned above and many more like these. Mostly, this is due to the strong & wild tastes that they offer. As drinkers, most of us don’t prefer flat beers at all. Yet, the city is forever open to all to discover & embrace. Cause, what else do you spread than love in this wonderful city of culture & brotherhood!

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