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Our Dynamic Sports Love: a Yinzer Cult!

Oct 26, 2020Keith Cathcart

Pittsburgh is simply a blend of unique spirits and the culture of amazing fellow yinzers. And, that’s the ultimate fact! But, do you know what makes us join up together; beyond our lifestyles and differences? The one and only answer - Our SPORTS cult!!!

The city is rightfully entitled as the ‘City of Champions’ in the sports world. Being one of the top sports cities in America, Pittsburgh is the best place to enjoy your life as a sports fan. Be it a game night for the NFL or cheering out loud for your favorite team at PNC Park, our rich history marks them all with the stories of our passionate players and enthusiastic spectators.

A game night at Pittsburgh, game at PPC Arena

Photo by dave dicello

From the vibrant home teams of Pittsburgh to the one-of-its-kind yinzer cheerleading, this city can make you fall in love with sports forever. So, here are some Pittsburghese reasons as to why we love our sports cult with such cosmic energy!

Homies of da ‘Burgh

Out of the top professional sports in America, da ‘Burgh currently owns the home teams in National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), and Major League Baseball (MLB). 

Pittsburgh had many highly professional teams throughout its sports history. But, now a special mention extends to the 3 teams from the creamy layer - the Steelers of NFL, the Pirates of MLB, and the Penguins of NHL. These 3 and many others such as the Panthers have brought home all the glorious victories of the Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, and other major championships. 

The success of Pittsburgh sports has earned many wonderful dispositions to the city like ‘Steelers nation’ and ‘Sixburgh’. All that being said, the gold-black jerseys galloping to the field unleashes the unlimited energy to every game. And, Pittsburgh holds this eminent privilege to have the same colors for all its home teams. 

People cheer for Steelers, game of  Pittsburgh Steelers for NFL

Photo by Justin K. Aller/ Getty Images

Pittsburgh’s Stars in Sports

Pittsburgh is not simply a land of passion and energy. Our spirits and life cultures have been passed on from our proud ancestors that Pittsburgh bleeds sports love throughout its Hall of Fame.

The ‘City of Quarterbacks’ is the homeland for many imminent athletes from all time. The legacy doesn’t limit to our players, but an amazing range of voices from the sportscasting stations of every game field in Pittsburgh. They have equally inspired us along with our players to shout our lungs, to hoot, and to cheer out loud to the glory of this city.

Basketball game at Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh wins in NBA

Photo from Twitter

To pick our top favorites of such legendary assets of ‘Burgh would not be anything less than a Herculean task. Yet, to name a few among the many, we had sportsters like Roberto Clemente, Mario Lemieux, Suzanne Semanick, Arnold Lambert, Billy Conn, and a lot more. All of these assets were valuable for the cult of Pittsburgh and us, yinzers indeed!

A Game Day at Pittsburgh

Our city is a wholesome celebration of all of our sports love. Most landmarks & cult traits and every nook and corner of Pittsburgh narrate the glory of this sports city.

Tour around our top attractions and you will be amazed to witness the enthusiasm levels deep down our yinzer blood. Beginning from the epic location of the Heinz History Center, you will discover unique sports artifacts owing to the city.

There are other major hotspots like the PNC Park, PPG Arena, Roberto Clemente Museum, Civic Arena, and many more which serve to be the epitome of sports glory in Pittsburgh. And, the interesting fact is all the game fields and sports parks are weaved right in the heart of the city; made perfect for everybody to enjoy a game day amidst all their hustles.

Roberto Clemente Museum at Pittsburgh

Photo by Post Gazette

Cheer out loud, Yinzers!

Our admiration and zeal to enjoy every game day at Pittsburgh are enormous. And, we love every bit of it. The fun elevates with amazing sportscasting comments like “Terrible Towels” and “No.72 is eligible receiver”; making us fall in love with this city of profound magic sports and culture, every time! Discover more about our sports cult in our upcoming blogs. :))

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