Pittsburgh, No. 72 is Eligible Reciever

Who Is #72 - The Most Eligible Reciever of Steelers?

Sep 28, 2020Keith Cathcart

The air at Heinz Field fills up with the echoes from the high-spirited Steelers fans at Pittsburgh! And, the sounds kick in higher with the comment, “#72 has reported as an eligible receiver!” 

Zach Banner is the No. 72 of Pittsburgh Steelers, who has become an eligible receiver for about 16 times for NFL games. He became the offensive tackle of Steelers in the National Football League from 2017. 

Pittsburgh, Zach Banner is No. 72


But, above all those career highlights, Banner is a favorite player for most American fans. Wanna know why and how this young hero holds up the limelight in American Football? Well, here’s his most inspiring story!

Zach Banner - The Hulk

The most eligible receiver of the Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t rise to the hearts of his fans, suddenly. Zach Banner was a great offensive tackle right from his high school & college football days. Besides being a freshman, he was the most inspirational player at the Lancer’s football team at Lakes High school.

Even, in college, he always played at the right tackle, overcoming his hip injuries. His victories range loud and wide to winning the USC’s Lineman Of The Year 2015. 

 Pittsburgh, Zach Banner at USC game

Image from USC Trojans

After college, his career began when he was drafted by Indianapolis Colts in the NFL draft 2017. His huge size and quick feet were just perfect to make the right snaps at the games!

The Cult Hero of Steelers!

Though he was drafted by the Colts, soon they waived him in September. Later, he was waived by Cleveland Browns and Carolina Panthers too. After too many setbacks in his path of passion for football, finally, he signed with the Steelers in 2018. 

His offensive snaps were huge for the Steelers in their most games in 2019. Banner surging through the linebackers and defensive linebackers, overwhelmed the fans through every season. His excellent tackles credited the Steelers fans with more hope & cheer. Especially, during the game against Dolphins in October 2019, the game was on for Steelers, just with his pass blocks throughout.

The fans always surprised him altogether with giant posters, #72 logo hoodies, and handmade signs. Steelers’ formations in their games race to victory with incredible ‘hulk smash’ by ZB. 

Pittsburgh, Zach Banner in Pittsburgh Steelers

Image from Steelers Now

Banner Beyond the NFL

Banner is praised a lot for his fan-fame. But, it doesn’t limit just to his football dreams and skills. He is a wonderful human being, with a great sense of passion, humor, and social responsibility.

He created the B3Foundation in 2017, to support the students and black, brown people in Gaum, Tacoma, Los Angeles, and Washington. He has raised his words about the discrimination faced by the Jewish community. There was an enormous response by people on social media, as Banner was the first NFL player to stand in solidarity on the issue.

He loves to engage with his fanbase, with interesting videos and motivational words always. Even when he went offseason, following an ACL injury in 2020. His remake of the video ‘What A Feeling’ from the film Flashdance, was a fun treat for most of his fans and teammates.

 Pittsburgh, Zach Banner & B3Foundation

Image from Twitter

The fan-hero of NFL, Zach Banner aims to be a starting tackle, soon. Having faced critiques about his huge size and passion for football, Banner is a mindful inspiration and motivation for us. Not just with Pittsburgh’s football victories, but his whole life and attitude. So, next time you hear “#72 is reporting as an eligible receiver” at the game field, shout out your lungs for ZB!

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