Tuck Away To These Quaint Spots In Pittsburgh For A Calming Day Out!

Have you been craving to savor the goodness of tranquility in Steel City? Most of Pittsburgh bustles with people, events, and other hubbubs of the city. Be it Christmas, summer, or any other season, an interesting array of cultural or artistic events unfurl in and around da ‘Burgh. And, that’s probably the reason why Pittsburgh stands out among other American cities by being a part of many classic movies and songs.

However, all of Pittsburgh is not always jam-packed with people. Pittsburgh is famous for its countless state parks, nature reserves, and waterfalls which lets you embrace the warmth of nature. Some of the popular ones where you can hang out for a cozy little picnic day are Allegheny Islands State ParkRaccoon Creek State Park, and National Aviary. Yet, there are more hidden getaways in Pittsburgh to make your day more special in the quintessential yinzer style. Let’s jump right in and discover a few picturesque places to spend a charming day or an unruffled evening!

People relaxing in a park

Photo by Ben Duchac on Unsplash

1. Todd Nature Reserve

Nestled a bit away from the city of Pittsburgh, you will find this serene greenery zone called Todd Nature Reserve. It spans up to 175 acres at Sarvar in Pennsylvania, taken care of by the famous nature conservation community, the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania. This nature reserve comprises thick forest covers and a wildlife sanctuary. Witness the beauty of wildflowers, chirpy birds, and much more based on the different seasons you will visit.

The land was originally owned by a nature lover, Mr. W.E. Clyde Todd who was kind enough to donate the place to the public. Grab a glimpse of ecstatic wildflowers such as trillium, go bird watching around, or simply go on a hiking trail. The hike trails are the exclusive attractions at Todd Nature Reserve which are long yet navigation-friendly. Moreover, the trail maps are easily available online, helping you to spend your time at your own pace. You’re sure to fall in love with the rustic landscape of this beautiful locale!

Signboard at Todd Nature Reserve

Photo from Audubon Society Of Western Pennsylvania

2. Original Yaca Dome

Now, if hiking and moving around muddy trails isn’t your thing, then Pittsburgh has even more plenty of surprises for you. How about a wonderful stay at a unique getaway? Think no more and head out straight towards the Original Yaca Dome at the East End of Pittsburgh. Thai white beauty is a dome-shaped house designed by an epic architect Joseph Yacoboni.

This house resembles an actual dome with its round framework. It’s available for a staycation day and all you need to do is book it through Airbnb. The unique design is not just appealing to your eyes, but also presents certain science behind such a shape. Even though the house has just basic accommodation facilities, it’s capable of withstanding winds and earthquakes to a remarkable extent. Striking with a vintage theme, Yaca Dome brings you the wilderness of old-school charm. A perfect day away from the hustles of the fast-paced city!

Original Yaca Dome

Photo from Little Things

3. Braddock Carnegie Library

There’s a lot of stories and a dozen of specialties when it comes to this iconic place in Pittsburgh - Braddock Carnegie Library. Being one of the first libraries in the US, this library offers an eloquent and vast area to its visitors. It’s been existing at Braddock Ave for over 120 years, radiating all of its magnetic energy through its powerful community. Besides the library services, there is an entire array of features offered by this place.

Starting from gym facilities to even a decent-sized music hall, Braddock stands up as a strong tribute to the blue-collar culture of Pittsburgh. Because the place was open to the workers of the Carnegie mill. When the library was on the verge of demolition, the community stepped in for its rescue. The buildings own a unique aura with their magnificent architectural style. So, spend some quality time, digging in through the extensive history of Pittsburgh associated with this library as an interesting day passes.

Braddock Carnegie Library

Photo from Flickr

4. The Cheese House

Wanna tune into something fun and interesting, yet lazy enough? Then, probably The Cheese House is your getaway spot around Pittsburgh. Though located a bit away from Pittsburgh, New Wilmington has this uber-cool place where you get to try out different varieties of cheeses. Looking more like a cheese barn, The Cheese House is a haven that any cheese-lover shouldn’t miss out on!

Find the popular and rare types of cheese ranging from provolone, cheddar, etc. Not just cheese varieties, you are sure to enjoy even several fresh-cut types of meat such as the yinzer comfort food, the chipped-chopped ham here. The local community nearby also produces fresh and scrumptious homemade jellies and jams. And above all, The Cheese House is a family-owned business that’s been in the game for the past 40 years!

Cheese display in a cheese barn

Photo from The Cheese Wheel

Find Resort At The Whimsical Locations Of Pittsburgh!

It might seem hard to find a spot in the heart of Pittsburgh where you could catch your breath for a moment and savor the goodness of the calming surrounding. However, it isn’t altogether impossible! Pittsburgh is surrounded by tonnes of charming towns, neighborhoods, locales, communities, and a lot more.

Try going out on an exclusive staycation with your loved ones to the outskirts of the city and crash your night at lovely bed and breakfast stops such as Sun And Cricket Bread And Breakfast. Or, grab your solitude and reward yourself a spa day at places like Salt Of The Earth. Some unique parks such as Settler’s Cabin Park in Ridge Road are also exciting spots to enliven another day in the most wonderful city, Pittsburgh.


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