Exciting Things  at Pittsburgh, Skyline of Pittsburgh City

11 Exciting Things You Should Never Miss at Pittsburgh!

Sep 04, 2020NestleAway Collaborator

Wondering how to spend a day in Pittsburgh, amidst all history & culture of the ‘City of Bridges’? Above all its historical culture and relics, Pittsburgh is a treasury of fun-filled, exciting activities. The vibrance of Yinzers is the perfect inspiration for how entertaining the city is! 

Kids, youngsters, or old; the city has always something in store to boost the adrenaline rush among all people. City trails on bikes/segways are the best choice to explore the rich, lively spirits at da ‘Burgh. Here is a bucket list of the top cool things you should never miss when around the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh!

1. Ride up the Monongahela Incline

Right up from Mount Washington, the picture-perfect view of this splendid city of elegance & life stands out above all words. To grab this view, all you have to do is take a ticket for the Monongahela Incline. A 30-minute short ride entices you with breathtaking views of the Golden Triangle at the Downtown. 

Originally designed in the 1800s to travel up the steep hills, this funicular is now a busy tourist spot. Together with Duquesne Incline, ‘Mon Incline’(as we call it!) are the ones among the oldest funiculars in the whole of the US.

2. Trail around the Point State Park

Exciting Things at Pittsburgh, Tall Fountain at Point State Par

Photo by Silvia Fang on Unsplash

Right at the heart of the Downtown, lies this historic symbol of this city - the Point State Park. With lush greens & scenic riverfront promenades around, the park includes historic buildings of Fort Pitt Museum & Fort Duquesne. The view of its iconic, awe-inspiring fountain stands out majestically at a height of 150 feet; with sprawling water.

Situated at the Golden Triangle of the city, the site resides as the major cultural event hub of Pittsburgh. Lucky souls could always catch a chance to witness the famous Three River Arts Festival at the park. The recreational space outlining the park is worthy enough for long hike/bike trails along the Great Allegheny Passage that commences from Cumberland. 

3. Segways down the Downtown

Exciting Things at Pittsburgh, Segway tour across Downtown

Photo by Candid Shots from Pexels

The most thrilling must-try at Pittsburgh is its segway trails.  Steering and balancing on the segways turn out super-fun as you explore the masterpiece locations, museums, streets, and historic places of the city. 

Different from the usual bike trails, segway tours extend out to different locations around the Downtown. Usually, these guided trails last up to almost 2 hours. Yet, you should definitely try to master the skill to balance on the segway and stand still without drifting along; for a must-sought adrenaline rush!

4. Grab the fun at Church Brew Works

Located at the Lawrenceville neighborhood of the city, this brewpub has a rustic history. Have you ever imagined a Catholic church, restored as an exciting pub? Church Brew Works has made this point in history, emerging out as the best brewery in Pittsburgh. With intricate in-house beer choices, you will savor on delicious pizzas and pierogies from the authentic Pittsburghese cuisine; and, never miss to scream “Cheers”!

Exciting Things at Pittsburgh, Inside the Church Brew

Image from Photo Gallery of the website

5. Get a color coma at Randyland 

Ever dreamt of a neighborhood that’s filled colors in its every nook & corner? Well, Randyland will be a sure-shot surprise to you with an avalanche of splashing colors and quirky art. All praises to its epic artist Randy Gilson, who envisioned a harmonious neighborhood in Pittsburgh for art & culture.

The place welcomes artist communities to landscape mesmerizing recycled artworks, along with its upbeat mural paintings. With its immense friendly locals around, the spot is the most certain happiness to our eyes and souls!

Exciting Things at Pittsburgh, The entrance of Randyland

Image credits: https://pittsburghorbit.com/page/4/

6. Grab the ‘brewing’ fun

How can you miss out on the exquisite beers when around the ‘City of Breweries’? Paired with wholesome yummy delicacies, the brew tours in the city are indeed worth the catch! 

Sip in exclusive craft beers from the best breweries as you walk into the amazing brew culture of Pittsburgh. The experience & expertise of friendly guides actually makes the brew tours an amazing experience. A pint from the famous brew company of ‘Burgh, the Iron City Brewing Company, and cheers to Steelers; that’s our yinz style!

Exciting Things at Pittsburgh, City Brew Tours

Image from Local Pittsburgh

7. Bird time at National Aviary 

This bird sanctuary is super engaging with over 600 species of birds. You can dive in to observe and feed many rare varieties, flying around freely in their natural habitat. Presenting you with an immersive experience, there are numerous bird-interactive corners like Penguin Point and Little Peepers. Toddlers and kids are the most excited ones to spend time amidst their bird friends, giggling, and cheering up with gleaming eyes!

8. Hike up the Canton Avenue 

Have you walked uphill the steepest street of the country? Then, here’s your chance to challenge your friends and dear ones to the most interesting point in Pittsburgh, or maybe take up the challenge for yourself! 

Exciting Things at Pittsburgh, Canton Avenue from its top

Image credits: https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8919260 

Every year, a lot of bicyclists come around, to ride up this steep street, located at the Beechview neighborhood. The hoarding at the street stands true to every word, “You can’t just stroll into here, but conquer it!”. 

9. Walk around the Steel Mills

The history of this fabulous ‘Steel City’ began with a series of steel-related businesses lining the Golden Triangle. So, there are always curious hearts to delve into the rich cultural heritage of da ‘Burgh.

Exciting Things at Pittsburgh, Machines inside a Steel Mill

Image from Rivers of Steel

Explore the most visited National Historic Landmark, the Carrie Blast Furnaces. Travel through the excellent artistry and handcraft of the 1900s to discover the innovative industrial machines of olden times. Besides regular tours to Steel Mills, there are riverboat tours to excavate the emergence of the city’s tech style & art.

10. Turn Spooky at Trundle Manor 

If you wishfully admire creepy collections, then never miss out on the ‘House of Oddities’, Trundle Manor. Here, Halloween is more real with gothic, punk sculptures, arts, weapons, and a lot more. 

It is one of the most visited private collections at Pittsburgh, owned by Mr. Arm and Miss Velda von Minx; designed right at their home! The antiques and oddities seem chaotic at its first sight, but the curious backstories of each item weave every object to one another. A place for some interesting chaos!

11. Rush into Kennywood

Get amused with adventure at this extravagant amusement park, Kennywood. Located at the West Mifflin neighborhood of Pittsburgh, You can simply enjoy your heart out in the interesting wooden roller coasters, water rides, and 3D & 4D theatres. Most of these rides at Kennywood date back to the 1900s. One entire day would seem too short when you are around this premium park.

Exciting Things at Pittsburgh, The Kennywood Amusement Park

Image Credits: Inpark magazine

The list doesn’t end here. There are a lot more hot picks like Bicycle Heaven, Prantl’s Bakery, Market Square, and PNC Park, that you might really enjoy. The ‘Steel City’, amidst all its major attractions gives one-of-its-kind experience to all who visit the place. Pittsburgh is just the place for a perfect vacation forever. We, yinzers are proud to own a life and culture with such interesting things to try out at our ‘Burgh!

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