Bridges of  Pittsburgh, Roberto Clemente Bridge

The Iconic Roberto Clemente Bridge

Sep 10, 2020NestleAway Collaborator

Pittsburgh, the ‘City of Bridges’ would be more than incomplete without this epic bridge - the Sixth Street Bridge, aka, Roberto Clemente Bridge. Hanging proudly across the Allegheny River at the Downtown, the bridge is our cultural landmark. 

Da ‘Burgh and our sports culture simply revolve around this historic mark of beauty. A walk along the bridge is a never miss chance when you are around the city. So, how did the stories of Pittsburgh evolve from the Sixth Street Bridge?

Bridges of Pittsburgh, Roberto Clemente Bridge, PNC park

Photo from Brookline Connection

History of Sixth Street Bridge

Originally built in 1819, it was just a normal wooden bridge, back then. It saw many major constructional changes in 1859 & ‘92, owing to the safety and increased traffic flow around the city. After all the trimming and scrapping, the swaying beauty of what you see today was inaugurated in 1928. 

Bridges of  Pittsburgh, St. Claire Bridge in the 1890s

Photo from Brookline Connection

The unique construction model of the self-anchored suspension bridge appeared for the first time in the history of the US. Not just 6th Street, the 7th and 9th bridges of ‘Burgh also, made a remarkable advent in history. All three together became the famous ‘Three Sisters’ bridges of the city. But, why did it become the ‘Roberto Clemente Bridge’?

Our Hero Roberto Clemente!

Bridges of  Pittsburgh, Pirates’ Player,  Roberto Clemente

Photo from Sporting News

Pittsburghers are never the same if we don’t love our sports heroes. Our epic players had always shared a close bond with yinz cult, that they made generous contributions to our city and its growth. One among such personalities from our history is the eminent baseball player, Roberto Clemente.

Roberto Clemente is an inspiration to all of us! He was an awesome player of the Pittsburgh Pirates, always remembered for his talent and for being a fabulous human being. Paying heed to the yinzer emotions and sentiments, the 6th Street Bridge was named to the ‘Roberto Clemente Bridge’ in 2012. The other two among the ‘Three Sisters’ were also rightfully titled as ‘Rachel Carson Bridge’ and ‘Andy Warhol Bridge’, the worthy assets of Pittsburghese history.

Take a Walk Across the Bridge

All history and culture being well-said in their places, today the bridge is an exciting spot in the city. Especially during a Pirates’ game at their home ground of PNC Park, the bridge will be closed for vehicles. The gleaming pedestrian trip across the bridge, towards PNC Park with a bunch of jovial yinzers and fellow spectators, is certainly overwhelming!

Besides the game time, the bridge adds into the panorama of Pittsburgh. With a view to the PNC Park and other top locations of the Downtown, you will enjoy a casual walk across the bridge. And, never miss out to place a love padlock with your beloved, at the bridge!

Bridges of Pittsburgh, Love Locks at Bridge,  Roberto Clemente Bridge

Image from Post Gazette

Roberto Clemente Bridge is our cultural landmark, with a big shoutout to the great player of our home team. Hence, it is a joy to heart to own such an avid culture with a lot of proud emotions for our ‘Burgh. So, a picture beside the statue of Roberto Clemente at the anchorage of the bridge would be worth all the memories of the city!



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