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Exciting Nightclubs To Explore In Pittsburgh!

Apr 08, 2021Surya Gopal

Do you feel done with discovering all of Pittsburgh; as if there’s nothing more? The popular attractions, delicious Pittsburghese cuisine, majestic shopper’s points, and so forth are sure to mark a whole lot of what makes this Steel City mighty and wonderful. Not to forget the illustrious past stories and the determined blue-collar culture that paved for our strong yinz roots! But, above all of these, Pittsburgh does satisfy its picture to be an acclaimed American city through its wide happening nightlife.

Along with bustling neighborhoods, Pittsburgh has fashioned towards the club culture of America. Featuring swarms of youth clusters, nightclubs have turned out to be happening locations of ‘Arn City’. However, the heavily admirable touch of communities still makes these club lives stand out among most club cultures of America. It isn’t just drink-and-dance places, rather a happy folk conjoin to embrace music, arts, and what-not! Feels hard to believe? Well, then, read up below about some of the top nightclub joints in Pittsburgh and witness this magic!

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1. Howl At The Moon

Singing and dancing the night out with great cocktails; sounds blissful, right? Howl At The Moon is one such happening spot in Pittsburgh. If you are in a mood to vibe along with enormous energy, you should probably head along right in here. Not just the socializing setup, even private parties such as birthdays, bachelor’s, bachelorette’s, or fun corporate nights are made memorable at this spacious lounge of Howl At The Moon. Open till 2 in the morning, this bar stands out as the #1 venue to get the best of nightlife in Pittsburgh.

Bucket drinks in Howl At The Moon Club

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2. Cavo

Thumbs up for the young yinz voices voting up for a Cavo Night! A huge bustling nightclub, Cavo is located in the much-upscale area of Pittsburgh, Strip District. Enjoy the laid-back bar crazily devoted to the most brimming parties in Pittsburgh. Dress up and hop into Cavo to get fond of the cool city styles. The dance floor keeps grooving to the DJs all time. And hey, if you wanna switch your mood boards at Cavo, then simply switch rooms. Providing scrumptious dinners and comfort foods, Cavo keeps a good save of variety bar rooms to accommodate diverse people to its lounges.

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3. Tequila Cowboy 

How about finding a karaoke club and a 90s bar both inside a cool locality of North Shore in Pittsburgh? With a game night, drinks and foods; even dance floors, Tequila Cowboy is a must-visit night vibe. Smother your taste buds with burgers, pizzas, and tacos while watching up a big sports game on the massive screens at Tequila Cowboy. The built-in sections of Little Red Corvette, the 90s bar, and Wanna Bs, the karaoke club are ecstatic experiences. And, cheers to the name ‘Cowboy’, you could go crazy driving a mechanical bull, even. Dancing along to the country rhythms can bring you to a cloud nine as well.

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4. Seven

Right at the heart of the city, in Pittsburgh Downtown, stands this classy vibed nightclub, Seven. They serve a must-try range of beverages, starting from cocktails & martinis to sangrias & margaritas; even some signature craft beers too. The chilling ambiance at Seven is sure to catch you right with pop music and DJ mixes. The lounge also features exclusive themed events which may vary from time to time.

Bar counter at Seven lounge

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5. Jergel’s Rhythm Grille

What if you wanna indulge in some live music for the night? Well, Pittsburgh’s north suburb Warrendale has got your back still. Jergel’s Rhythm Grille spotlights fantastic local as well as national bands tuning into amazing concerts. The drinks collection is, of course, profuse with flavorful appetizers too. A cigar bar is the specific catch of Jergel’s, open towards an outdoor lounge. The dance floors are wide and open. Meanwhile, you get to be extra cool on Tuesday nights with karaoke sessions

Band performance at Jergel’s

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6. There Ultra Lounge

You’re broke but still, wish to chug down a mundane day at a cozy and friendly frame. There Ultra Lounge seems to offer such a backdrop to entertain its visitors. A popular gay bar, There Lounge is a great save for people who adore happy hours, live performances, drag shows, and karaoke mood. Being a devout gay bar, this nightclub extends immense support and community vibe for the LGBTQIA+ community. You even turn fond for the amiable bartenders of this lounge, situated at Liberty Avenue.

Cream and pancakes brunch at Pamela’s Diner

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There are many more to add to this bucket list of nightclubs that you should certainly visit and engage with. Skybar, Savoy, Perle, and Club Cafe would be the other ones to name a few. Jazz and zing at these venues are worth the shot! Furthermore, to deal with a hangover morning, Pittsburgh has many epic afterparty eateries with delightful breakfast and brunch options. Pamela’s Diner and Nicky’s Grant Street are all the way exceptional morning places to keep your heads uptight. So, amuse a great dance or party with classy drinks at the trendiest locations of Pittsburgh!

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