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Let’s Go Thrifting In Pittsburgh!

Mar 26, 2021Surya Gopal Collaborator

Wondering what’s more that Pittsburgh makes it relive the city every moment? Pittsburgh and its folk have an epic love towards each other that every moment at this huge city seems like an ‘aww’ vibe! Unlike most other cities, Steel City doesn’t offer just one single or popular experience to you. Pittsburgh is more like a spectrum of happiness; you could go up or down, straight in or go all the way topsy-turvy.

With the formal range of top attractions, lively spots, and cultural events, there’s another much-underrated activity that Pittsburghers love. Thrift shopping! While we elaborately discussed Pittsburgh’s shopping hubs, thrift stores are the heart and soul of budget-friendly city tour experiences. Moreover, these exhibit how well our city embraces and provides space for everybody united through diversified ideas.

Inside a thrift store

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Not particularly listed out as a Pittsburghese special, you could get all crazy and gleam with joy, once you set out visiting such affordable points in Pittsburgh. The unnerving experience of thrifting is remarkable, and here’s a short outlook into a few popular thrift stores in Pittsburgh!

1. Thriftique

Wanna visit an all-in-one point for thrifting? Go down to the artsy neighborhood of Lawrenceville, to Thriftique. The unique items that you would find here are mind-blowing. You might even wonder whether you get apparel, accessories, home decor, and a lot more at such cut-down prices. It’s a definite worth spot where you can vouch on your bargaining skills to grab some stylish products. 

Thriftique is essentially a non-profit organization run by the Pittsburgh forum of the National Council of Jewish Women. And, hence donations play a good role. It’s a win-win where you get good bargains while the funds raised contribute towards a larger cause to support women.

An outlet of Thriftique

Photo from Pittsburgh Beautiful

2. Buffalo Exchange

As trendy as it looks, Buffalo Exchange is one of the most appealing thrift stores in Pittsburgh. The stylish array of clothing and accessories they display is mesmerizing. Often, students grab onto irresistible offers at such fair prices. Located in Carson Street, Buffalo Exchange sets the perfect ambiance too. 

The comfy staff members can make your lucky day at this adorable outlet, giving us the best buys of the season or time. And, we fear, maybe that might just blow off the sales of actual stores or mall outlets. Amazing is the time & money you spent at Buffalo Exchange for sure!

Outer view of Buffalo Exchange

Photo from Buffalo Exchange

3. Mt. Lebanon Trading Post 

Another pick for impressive community services, Mt. Lebanon Trading Post is a consignment and resale shop. It’s run by volunteers and traces back its history to the period during World War 2. The significant range of second-hand goods that you’ll find is too good as new ones. Moreover, you could sell off some of those possessions which you don’t want anymore. Besides, make some money for the better good.

Trading Post is located at Potomac Ave in Dormont locality of Pittsburgh. You can always get some sparkling seasonal buys. Meanwhile, at the end of the season, the money collected is utilized for any community organizations such as Animal Friends, Guiding Eyes of Blind, and so on.

Displays in Mt. Lebanon Trading Post

Photo from Facebook

4. Three Rivers Vintage

How to get enough thrift vibes without shopping for some vintage collections? And, Three Rivers Vintage is just the perfect place to bargain for stylish vintage products. Situated in Carson Street itself, this store displays a remarkable collection of unique clothes and fashion that dates back to the 1920s. The beaded wedding dresses, seasonal variants of dresses, and Victorian chains & necklaces are the highlights of this vintage hotspot.

Most often, yinzers find the place seriously addictive that they get too excited to buy those floral prints, metallic designs, and cocktail outfits. The reasonable pricing also gives it an upper hand in popularity among the crowd. And, don’t forget to explore some marvelous vintage hats,  purses, umbrellas, and jewelry!

Inside Three Rivers Vintage store

Photo from giftya

5. Artifacts

Why thrift only for fashion goods when you can grab splendid Pittsburghese curios? Artifacts in the West End should be the go-to place for some amazing ‘artifacts’, indeed. Ranging from Turkish rugs, Victorian paintings, stuffed toys, and much more, this place owns a phenomenal classy ambiance. It displays almost 20,000+ art, antiques, oriental rugs, and furniture. If you wish to buy appealing and fascinating supplies for any setting or event, this is where you could find them all in Pittsburgh.

Artifacts shop from outside

Photo from Tripadvisor

While all the above thrift outlets are exceptionally great, there is much more to add to this list. Whether you wish to buy a clothing line, home decor, or school/college supplies, Pittsburgh has a great variety of options for you. Moreover, most of these thrift stores are actually for any non-profit organization or work like consignment shops. So, if you miss out on thrifting experience in Pittsburgh, it’s a greater loss for a whole lot of communities thriving in the lovely city of Pittsburgh. Happy Thrifting!


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