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Unwind With Festive Spirits Of Pittsburgh!

Apr 23, 2021Surya Gopal

Pittsburgh without its hallmark celebrations and festivities would be a simply serious piece of industrial land. But, luckily we yinzers are huge admirers of our culture and festivals. We feel fortunate enough to commemorate and connect together through our festive vibes.

Festive spirits are enthusiastic, pulling each and everyone to join up in the culmination of food, music, art, and lots of love & fraternity. Be it summer, fall or spring, we have in store different editions of festivities that make each month too special for us. What about diving deep right into our cultural elements and tasting our yinzer-hood feels during Christmas, St. Patrick’s, and Halloween? Sounds fun; so let’s unravel a few moments out of the long list of festive events in Pittsburgh!

Christmas decorated front door

Amelie & Niklas Ohlrogge on Unsplash

1. Christmas Season

Jingle bells ring and angels sing, it’s Christmas all the way! What else can be more fun in America than the seasonal cheers of Christmas? Live markets, music, and vibes are sure to enliven your spirits when around da ‘Burgh. Amidst a lot of Christmas-ey light works and decked-up neighborhoods, Light Up Night marks the very first glimpse of the Christmas season in Pittsburgh. Following shortly, PPG Zoo, Phipps Conservatory, and other popular landmarks of Pittsburgh shoot up the zing and color with other laser light displays and attractive flower shows.

Kennywood is another impressive place for all kids, youth, and adults to imbibe Christmas fun, unanimously. A gazillion Christmas-themed stores would pop up around Cultural District and Market Square would be packed with. Great art and live music performances are also sure to catch your eyes with zeal. Even, Cathedral of Learning welcomes the Christmas season with native decors and cultural amalgamations. Don’t forget to boost up your shopping and cultural experience during the upcoming Christmas season at Pittsburgh Downtown, Randyland, and Lawrenceville, especially. ;)

Nativity scene as Christmas ornament

Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

2. New Year’s Eve

The Christmas days of Pittsburgh blend well into the much-awaited day of every year; New Year’s Eve! Highmark First Night is the first and foremost starters to enjoy a full swing of NYE celebrations. The Cultural Trust of Pittsburgh Downtown organizes fascinating late-night shows and galleries with thousands, connected over food, music, art, and parties. Kids can engage with fun tents set up while music stages and art galleries become the surprising highlight for all. Outdoor spirits also remain uncompromising with fireworks and extra gallery performances.

Another unique way of celebrating NYE is cruising with ecstatic diner, music, and DJ night on Gateway Clipper riverboat. Nightclubs of Pittsburgh such as Jergel’s Rhythm Grille and Howl At The Moon also hoard in NYE vibes. Enjoying awesome throwback memories with your loved ones at the bars along East Carson Street is yet another NYE option in Pittsburgh. So, mark your timers to countdown and welcome every brand new year, either at Phipps Conservatory or the heart of Pittsburgh!

New Year’s Eve fireworks

Jason Forrest on Unsplash

3. Three Rivers’ Festival 

What else can be the celebrations of Pittsburgh without its epic summer highlight? While there are numerous music, arts, and even film festivals in Pittsburgh, every yinzer looks forward to indulging in the experience of the Three Rivers’ Festival. Very specially owned by the Pittsburghese culture, this mega gala is celebrated with much pride and happiness by all the artists of Pittsburgh. 

The festival marks a rich history and legacy left behind by the legendary Pittsburghese heroes and embracing the arrival of newly sourced talents. Usually occurring in June, it’s an outdoor live stage holding vivid music, arts, and film installations in Point State Park, Pittsburgh Downtown. Feature films and local vendors with lovely all-things-Pittsburgh is bound to make your day extra awesome. Plus, the pride parade and other beer & restaurant parties are sure to spice up the whole venture, never letting you leave the place!

Outdoor venue of Three Rivers’ Festival

Photo from Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

4. St. Patrick’s Day

Do only Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day ardently? Of course, no! You would never expect it, but the exclusive and huge parade for St. Patrick’s Day makes it a much-awaited celebration of Pittsburgh. It’s nearly like another Christmas time blooming into the spring season of Pittsburgh! 

The wide-acclaimed parade is what everybody looks forward to. Falling in March, the green waves of the parade almost compose much beauty of the city. Ethnicity and Irish culture at their peak, St. Patrick’s Parade have 15+ bands performing along and girls lined up for Miss Irish Eyes competition. Starting from Downtown, the parade covers all the way through Strip District as well. So, plan ahead and get dressed up to witness the Nation’s greatest St. Patrick’s vibe ever.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade scenes

Photo from Quad-City Times

5. Halloween

As you step into the Fall of Pittsburgh, shouldn’t we play trick-or-treat? Yes, indeed. October in Pittsburgh, (well even the end of September) is set for some pumpkin spice! There are wonderful events and shopping choices open for the yinzers to celebrate a spooky time in Pittsburgh. 

Primarily, it’s the kids who are gonna blast in the season with Zoo Boo and Zombie Fest. And, if you wanna really get grooving with the scariest Halloween hunt, then head along to The Scarehouse. To discover those ultra chills sent down your spine, dare to get through the 10 haunted houses in Kennywood. Campfires, yummy food parties, and Halloween-themed games; all await you on Hallows’ Eves in the majestic neighborhoods of Pittsburgh!

Home decorated for Halloween

Clint Patterson on Unsplash

There are more eventful festivals like the beer/wine fests, July Fourth cheer, and many others involving the seasons’ goodness. Discover most of them to explore and engage in the mighty spirits of yinzers. Pittsburgh is always set for more amusement and excitement every time you visit. And, don’t forget to live every moment in this beautiful city to its fullest; because celebrations never end in this Steel City of America!


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