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Gift a Pittsburghese Experience at Your Workspace

Jul 01, 2022Surya Gopal

You don't always need an occasion to gift someone a present. But when you do, going for a unique and classy gift can be a little tricky. Gifting your employees or co-workers won’t be an arduous task here in Pittsburgh as every day is unique and magical in the city! Since it is no secret that we all adore this city, why not choose a present that is inspired by Pittsburgh and is guaranteed to impress them?

So, instead of just giving your favorite Pittsburgher a gift card to a restaurant, you could think differently. You can also save yourself time and effort by just directly picking out all your Pittsburgh-themed, authentic goodies from Yinzershop. This gift guide gives you unique ideas for presents that are all about Pittsburgh. Here is a complete list of the eco-friendly and unique goods, or the easiest way to a Yinzer’s heart.

Gift-giving in the workplace

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1. For the Amazing Ladies

All the pretty ladies in your group deserve a very valuable gift, don’t they? For all the work-life balance and the changes and efforts,, they put in at work, present them with beautiful gifts that celebrate the richness of Pittsburgh while respecting and appreciating the wonderful job they do.

You can always gift them jewellery for an everlasting impression. Get your hands on the latest collection of Yinzer-certified earrings for a lasting memory. Earrings come in a variety of designs and go with just about any clothing or occasion. It's a great everyday item that is long-lasting. By adding a special touch to the earrings, you may create a touching and memorable gift. Anyone would love to get earrings which are a straightforward yet stylish gift. They are tiny, compact presents that match almost any outfit. It's one of those jewelry items that are always in style.

Make sure to buy it soon (while in sale) to put a few bucks back into your pocket. So, don’t hesitate and grab some Primanti Bros and Yinzer-themed earrings to level up their look book!

2. For the Sports Fans

Did you know that Pittsburgh is one of the top 10 places in the world to be a sports fan? With one of these ideal presents for sports enthusiasts, be prepared to impress them with these great ideas.

Three teams participating at the highest professional level in their respective sports are now based in Pittsburgh and have had a number of professional sports franchises throughout its history. The Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Pittsburgh Steelers are three World Champion major-league professional sports teams that call Pittsburgh home. There are other professional teams in soccer, roller derby, ultimate frisbee, and other sports. So, there ought to be a huge group of sports fans in your workplace too.

Heinz and PNC Park aren’t alien to the fans. Gift them exclusive-themed T-shirts to connect and cherish their favorite matches. Get ‘Number 72 is an eligible receiver’ quoted and ‘duck-football’ sporty t-shirts to get the spirits up high.

Pittsburgh Steelers

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3. For the Family and Their Loved Ones

If the gift is intended for a close relative or cherished friend of your colleague or employee, it assumes greater significance. Not only do we want them to like it, but we also want them to keep it forever and, if at all possible, flaunt it! We are here to offer some tried-and-true gifts for loved ones to suit any occasion that will warm their hearts and put a smile on their faces, making your job of gift-hunting a little bit easier.

Most of the employees might have children at home. So, you can be a little more thoughtful and make them happier by getting their children very creative gifts. To treasure and instill the sense of Pittsburgh in them, buy and gift something true to the land and its theme. You can always get a T-shirt and other apparel for kids as starters.

You can also contribute to the home decor by gifting a showpiece. There are striking wall arts and paintings that are Pittsburgh-centric to add to the beauty. Take a look at different coasters and other photographs and paintings depicting the long way the city has come, if they’re into history.

4. For the Foodies in Your Group

Every group has its foodie gang. Being experimental and enjoying a wide variety of foods can be quite advantageous, according to Brian Wansink. If nothing else, you appear to be having a lot more fun, and it may even encourage you to eat a little more healthily.

Here in Pittsburgh, food is of supreme importance to the public. Several of the world’s most iconic food and beverages were founded here in the city. From Heinz Ketchup, and Big Mac to Klondike Bar and Pierogies! But, there is no forgetting the people’s absolute favorite, the Primanti Brothers. There is nothing more emblematic of Pittsburgh than the iconic Primanti restaurant. So gift them some gift coupons or even Pittsburgh food-themed goodies for them to take home and cherish forever. 

Primanti Bros Outlet

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Bring in the Pittsburghese Spirit With Your Gifts

Who doesn't enjoy receiving an unexpected gift? It would make perfect sense if we found any cause to give gifts they are sure to adore, appreciate, and enjoy, rather than merely waiting for special occasions or holidays (such as Valentine's Day or Christmas). The gift's surprise element will undoubtedly better the working atmosphere and may even brighten your coworker’s or member's day (maybe even their week).

Giving gifts is a significant aspect of human interactions, as you may have noticed or figured out throughout. When words fail you, this is an approach to express your sentiments. Additionally, you can decide to offer a gift solely to make the receiver happy, which is the fundamental meaning of giving gifts. Move and make an action, get some cool gifts, and cheer up the faces in your office!

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