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Here's To Capturing The Unrelenting Spirit Of Some Esteemed Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

Sep 30, 2022Surya Gopal

Pittsburgh, our Steel Nation, is much more than it seems. Apart from its central role throughout global and American history, it has emerged as a city of strength and resilience. Our ancestors who built the Burgh from ashes of destruction and smoke can now term their home as one of the most charming cities in the US. It is now a thriving city center that has attracted a culturally diverse population and several tourists.

If you, too, want to celebrate the true spirit of the Steel-hearted Yinzers, it's only right to explore our city. To make this easier for you, we at Yinzershop have put together this brief yet rather insightful virtual tour of da 'Burgh as we take you through six of the unique neighborhoods of this lovely city. 

Cathedral Of Hope

Photo from Cathedral Of Hope

East Library is easily one of the most picturesque neighborhoods of da 'Burgh. This place screams heritage and culture, with historic buildings transformed into posh and luxurious boutique hotels, trendy restaurants, and institutions like the Kelly Strayhorn Theater.

It is one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods that rightly captures the unyielding spirit of the Yinzers. This can be in the Presbyterian Church, arguably the prestige of this quaint neighborhood, as it embraces one of the most diverse and socially active congregations.

So, if you too want to bring home the history, art, and drama of our ancestors, all you have to do is get your hands on the EAST LIBERTY NEIGHBORHOOD, PITTSBURGH PA NEIGHBORHOOD MAP WOODEN WALL ART.

Perry: Hilltop and Observatory Hill

The Perry neighborhood can be broadly classified into the Perry South, the Perry Hilltop, Perry North, or Observatory Hill. Together, they are a large residential zone housing several natives. In the 20th century, Perry South emerged as a streetcar suburb, currently housing exclusive residential buildings. On the other hand, Perry North was part of Allegheny City.

Upon the annexation of Allegheny city to the Land Of Steel, Observatory Hill expanded and currently offers residence to around 14,000 locals. Moreover, Brashear Reservoir, the top of Observatory Hill, is situated at the city's highest elevation at 1,370 feet, making this hilly neighborhood a frequented spot.

So, if you're someone who loves to enjoy a good skyline, Perry is the place to be. But, if you're unable to visit the 'Burgh anytime soon, you could invest in the PERRY NEIGHBORHOOD, PITTSBURGH PA NEIGHBORHOOD MAP WOODEN WALL ART to bring your dreams to life. 

Squirrel Hill: Embracing Diversity In Every Step

Squirrel Hill

Photo from Walnut Capital 

Squirrel Hill is an incredibly esteemed and diverse neighborhood of Burgh. Local Yinzer tradition says this locality was named by the Native Americans in the vicinity, who termed it such due to the abundance of black squirrels. It is one of the most culturally developed areas known for its laid-back vibe and delicious eateries. While it is predominantly a residential neighborhood in the East End of the City Of Steel, it is also referred to as an 'upstreet' locality by the Yinzers.

It is one of the most family-oriented neighborhoods with over 1100 acres of parks and greenery. In fact, it is home to Schenley Park, which was once deemed to be one of "America's Coolest City Parks." 

And we're not done just yet! Squirrel Hill is the place to be, with some of the best ethnic restaurants, a vibrant business district, and commuter-friendly residential streets. If you're ever planning on moving to our Land Of Bridges, snag our SQUIRREL HILL PITTSBURGH, PA NEIGHBORHOOD MAP WOODEN WALL ART for the complete Burgh experience.

Moon Township: Explore Our Universe

Moon Township is probably one of the most unique localities of Pittsburgh. It is situated along the Ohio River and was established by English settlers and traders moving into the valley. It has a rich historical past dating back to the early 18th century.

Then, it served as a housing development for workers in 1943 who provided labor for war production activities during World War II. Ever since, Moon Township has been a residential community for those looking for a fresh start close to home.

Moon Township is a leading business hub that also offers several amenities, such as local churches, hotels, restaurants, and leisure activities, making it the perfect place to start a family. Thus, if you too want to encapsulate the charming appeal of this little modern town, be sure to get the MOON PITTSBURGH, PA NEIGHBORHOOD MAP WOODEN WALL ART as a cute addition to your family home.

Mount Lebanon: For The Perfect Community Living Experience

Mount Lebanon

Photo from MtLebanon

Named the state's seventh best community to live in, Mount Lebanon is a highly notable and esteemed township. With a fascinating history, it has been focal in the Civil Uprising of 1794. Moreover, this neighborhood has transformed from a farming district to a streetcar neighborhood. It is currently an established township in Allegheny County.

Mount Lebanon has a lot to offer its residents, with around 15 parks, playgrounds, an Olympic pool, an ice rink, and a general recreation building. All these amenities have made it a highly affluent and one of the most sought-after suburbs of Pittsburgh.

It is a dream come true for every American family. And, one of the best ways to inspire you to achieve this American dream is by bringing home the MT. LEBANON, PITTSBURGH PA NEIGHBORHOOD MAP WOODEN WALL ART. Not only will it keep you motivated, but you can also effectively improve your home's overall aesthetic value with this stunning wooden piece.

Highland Park: For A Home In The Green

Highland Park

Photo from TripAdvisor

Highland Park is a quaint and scenic residential neighborhood in northeastern Pittsburgh. It was once termed the 'fertile bottom' as seen by its lovely acreage, dominated by leafy trees, parks, walking trails, quiet picnic areas, a stunning lake, and the Victorian-style Entry Garden.

Moreover, it is also a popular tourist spot because of the Highland Park, Pittsburgh Zoo, and the PPG Aquarium, which feature some of the best-themed global habitats for viewing exotic species.

It is truly one of the majestic neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, a perfect combination of leisure and looks. If you're on the hunt for some art to capture the noble essence of Highland Park, you must get the HIGHLAND PARK PITTSBURGH, PA NEIGHBORHOOD MAP WOODEN WALL ART.

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