Pittsburgh Neighborhoods Collection

Pittsburgh Neighborhoods


      Explore Your Pittsburgh Neighborhoods With These Amazing Wall Art

      The city of Pittsburgh is a lovely piece of land that includes many wonderful neighborhoods. There’s a moment of pride for every yinzer when it comes to remembering our past. Our resilience has made this city rise from a mere soot-covered region to one of the Most Livable Cities in the world.

      We all can invariably agree all day and all night on one thing - we love traveling! Especially, if it’s a day of zeal and vigor, then count yinzers in with no doubt. So, how about making this Pittsburgh love embrace us through some home decor or an extremely yinz gift? Well, Yinzershop’s all about it!

      Find a charming collection of wooden wall art for the perfect yinz vibe-check. Neatly embossed on a sturdy wooden canvas, these wall art are the signature gifts you can offer a fellow yinzer. Or, make it even better; grab one for your living space or office desk and let people know about the amazing culture you belong to. 

      You could choose to get the map of any neighborhood you’re amazed by in the form of these wall art pieces from Yinzershop. Some of the most popular choices are given below, so make sure you check’em out:

      Strip District map wall art is to die for! Strip District is the one place that all yinzers love going to. Be it festive seasons or just casual occasions, the place is well-known for the holistic shopping experience it offers. This wall art is the perfect choice for exhibiting your roots. The rough-cut wood has captured the map gloriously!

      Mount Washington map wall art is a must-have if you’ve ever visited Pittsburgh in your life at least once. This wall art is the Pittsburgh twist to your home or workspaces. Pick the desired size from the 3 available types and flaunt them on your walls with pride.

      South Side map wall art is another unique pick from our collection of wooden canvas hangings. South Side is an epic neighborhood with a mix of people from diverse ethnicities!

      Shadyside map wall art features extremely high-definition prints on rough-cut wood that could charm your homes. Shadyside is an amiable and colorful neighborhood in Pittsburgh. If art is all you crave, then this little wall art is a tribute to Pittsburgh and its artistic culture.

      Oakland map wall art could be considered a great add-on to your home or office decor items. Oakland is a mighty neighborhood offering powerful services of health, education, and more. This memoir is also a rich commemoration of the city’s yesteryears!