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Decoding The Epic Lines of Mike Lange

Nov 16, 2020Keith Cathcart

Have you imagined how energy-packed a Hockey game can be? Well, the zeal of yinzers is phenomenal, but there’s more to it! Pittsburgh’s history in NHL is simply incomplete without the word dynamics of this fascinating sportscaster from the heart of the city. Such is the love and praise for the epic man, Mike Lange! He well-culminated a thrilling on-spot experience of every live Hockey game hosted by Pittsburgh Pens with the lively players & exciting audience.

An irreplaceable personality for the radio broadcast of the home team Pittsburgh Penguins, every line sprawling out from Lange was energy boosters to each player & spectators. So, here’s analyzing those many interesting and popular epic sports lines from ‘Lange-isms’ (as we call it!) that boosted us all during most NHL seasons! 

Mike Lange at Pittsburgh, Mike Lange at an event in Heinz Centre

Photo from Post Gazette

1. “It’s A Hockey Night In Pittsburgh!”

Simple as it is! This is a much common opening line by Lange for every game-opening. But, the true vibes of excitement ripples out amongst the hardcore fans of Pens in Pittsburgh. More like a prayer out loud to win the Stanley Cup, these words bring together all for a fabulous game-night in Pittsburgh.

2. “Smiling Like A Butcher’s Dog!”

That’s a goal call! This forever masterpiece line marked the savage comeback of Lemieux after he was away with retirement. And, goals have ever been the tasty nibble for Pens & its fans. So, every time, Lange used this line brilliantly to announce this when Pens are set to a goal, shortly. This indeed follows the “Woohoo!” from the crowd on a goal strike.

3. “Scratch My Back With A Hacksaw!” 

Not just the enticing moments of goals, but post-goals were also made special by Lange. This one’s a classic from one of them. Much humbly, Lange credits the team for their wonderful performance and high spirits through this line.

Pittsburgh Penguins defeat Washington Capitals, #30 scores for Pittsburgh Penguins

Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

4. “Numero Soixante-Six”

Much cheers for the star legend, Lemeiux of Pittsburgh Penguins. Rather than being a strange & electrifying comment by Lange, this comment lives up to the hearts of every Pens fan. Lemieux was #66 of the team until his retirement. But, he never stopped surprising the NHL seasons, even later. His epic goal was a roller-coaster journey of adrenaline rush for the city of Pittsburgh.

5. “Shave My Face With A Rusty Razor”

This also stands as an almost near post-goal call like “Scratch my back with a hacksaw!”. But, the level of ecstasy surpasses the former. This is much masochistic comment by Lange; turns out to be a rather savage one!

Lemieux & Jagr of Pittsburgh Penguins, #66 and #68 of Pittsburgh Penguins

Photo from Post Gazette

6. “Let’s Go Hunt A Moose On A Harley”

This incredibly falls into the favorite category of animal-love lines by Lange. It‘s sensed by an unnatural logic that if you turn happy, then go down on a Harley, hunting moose! Wanna know why? Cause, you are the cool guys, and so are the Pens upon scoring in the game. 

7. “He Beat Him Like A Rented Mule!”

The head-on version of Lange to announce a sweet score by Pens against their opponents. Lange screamed out these words when Pens go forth unhesitantly, paving their way towards Stanley Cup. Such priceless moments leave every yinzer fingers crossed during the season, undoubtedly!

8. “Buy Sam A Drink & Get His Dog One, Too!” 

Again, another moment of celebration for Pens! Lange was inspired for this when he heard this line while in a bar. He simply noted that on a napkin. As always, he brought to his sportscasting room as well. Yinzers and Pens are all bound to joy as soon as these words sweep into their ears. ;)

Pittsburgh Penguins scores in NHL, Chris Kunitz scores for Penguins in NHL

Photo from nhl.com

9. “Elvis Has Just Left The Building”

When the game is just done and dusted for the day, with Pens having won the game, Lange marks off these words. This becomes a turn-on for the fans to anticipate the winning of the Stanley Cup. And yeah, it’s good hard-core rest time to all, for the time being, because there is way more to go for the Stanley Cup!

10. “Oh, Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley! Bring Me The Brandy!”

Yes, it’s the much-awaited moment for Pens! As Pittsburgh wins the Stanley Cup, both players and spectators burst out in cheer. Meanwhile, Lange takes the celebrated moment with his victorious word love, too. It’s indeed a “congratulations and celebrations” moment for the whole city of unanimous sports love. So, better get a brandy to swoosh up the day!

Pittsburgh Penguins Win Stanley Cup, Sidney Crosby with Stanley Cup

Photo by Christopher Hanewinckel/ USA Today Sports

With all these and much more exhilarating comments, Mike Lange has always kept every Pens fan at the edge-of-the-seat. Moreover, it’s a definite misfortune to miss a Hockey night at Pittsburgh without this legendary sportscaster, moving the packed-crowd in NHL seasons!


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