Pittsburgh Culture T-Shirts Collection

Pittsburgh Culture T-Shirts


      Grab These Yinzer T-shirts To Flaunt The Yinz Slang!

      Yinzers love our epic Pittsburghese slang! It stands out da ‘Burgh, among the other dialects in America. The heavily accented lingo might seem too much to a newbie in the city. But, hey, ‘yinz’ shall catch up with time!

      With people from around the world joining our city at different points in history, the Pittsburghese slang has also evolved. Well, for most of it, we feel unanimously indebted to our dear ancestors who were mostly blue-collar workers for influencing our culture and language to a great extent.

      The primary characteristic of the yinzer slang is shortening down on the syllables in most words or phrases. We don’t really like lengthy and boring; instead, we finish our sentences quickly and crisp. A “ow” is only “a” and “ee” becomes just “i”.

      The list doesn’t end here. We even use unique and different terms to point out a lot of casual things. Like, you’re a “jagoff” if you’re extremely annoying. And, we fill in our “buggies” and not “shopping carts” at the mart.

      So, do you wanna embed these slangs into your daily wear collection as well? Then, grab these premium t-shirts made of 100% cotton fabric from Yinzershop to complete your cool look for the day! Our amazing collection of culture t-shirts features classic yinzer slang and phrases which you could showcase any day and every day.

      Besides, the light cloth and short sleeves of the t-shirts make them a perfect choice for the summer. Experiment with your lookbook for classy daily wear with a few products from our collection at Yinzershop, below:

      Pittsburgh Goin’ Dahntahn t-shirt is a classic way to flair your Pittsburgh vibes. Instead of “going downtown”, yinzers like “goin’ dahntahn”! Everybody loves the free and zestful energy in Pittsburgh Downtown. So, hit the place with these t-shirts on, available in varying sizes and colors.

      Pittsburgh Version of Yinz t-shirt is the most obvious choice every yinzer would love to possess. We prefer telling “yinz” or “younz” instead of just “you all”. This is a perfect pick for casual outings or workout routines.

      Pittsburgh French Fries On Sandwiches t-shirt could perfectly suit any day in this city. Because we love our “jumbo” meals. And, loaded “sammiches” are always comforting to us. So, get this French Fries on Sandwiches t-shirt to make your day out!

      Pittsburgh Arn (Iron) City t-shirt speaks volumes about the rich and prolific history of Pittsburgh. Well-known as the Steel City for years, Pittsburgh is also called “Arn City” by yinzers with love.

      Pittsburgh Pop Not Soda t-shirt is a cute reminder of our lingos and phrases. Yinzers like using the term “soda pop” rather than “soda can”. And, this cool t-shirt could add a style statement to your daily wear. This lightweight t-shirt is available in different colors and sizes.