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Explore These Activities In Pittsburgh To Witness The Beauty Of This City!

Mar 26, 2022Keith Cathcart

Pittsburgh is an amalgamation of a lot of stories. Stories of courage, resilience, coming together, livelihoods, and much more. Sometimes, we yinzers tend to look into only the fun aspects of what Pittsburgh is today. However, there are a series of engaging and interesting activities that narrates the glory of this Steel City with awe.

Exploring such hidden gems of Pittsburgh can set you right in motion. Be it with your family, loved one, or with your ever-curious kids-gang, you will enjoy the greater horizons of da ‘Burgh. If you are planning exciting adventures or day-outs in Pittsburgh, then this list of exclusive activities is gonna be handy for you! We’ve curated a set of not-so-famous, yet thrilling activities that can drive you to savor even more of the Pittsburghese vibes and essence.

The landscape of Pittsburgh

Photo by Walter Martin on Unsplash

1. Try your luck in golf

An uber-cool warm sunny day is around the corner of your weekend. Shouldn’t you make the best out of it? But, you don’t wanna simply loiter around just another park downtown in Pittsburgh. Maybe you’re up to being a little more physically involved with some activity. Well, then you should definitely check out the golf arenas in our neighborhoods.

Starting from simple courses to higher levels of difficulty, sports clubhouses such as Schenley Park and Hickory Heights Golf Club are good spots to explore the athlete within you. These are well-maintained locations where you can even enjoy an indoor golf course setting. If you wanna engage yourself in advanced and challenging golf games, then Grand View Golf Club is a wise choice.

A man at golfing

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

2. Have fun with laser tag

Did the drizzles just spoil your plans for a summery picnic day? Worry not, Pittsburgh has diverse options to help you out. There are many game arenas and arcade centers around the city which offer a quintessential indoor experience. But, if you’re in a mood to level up your adrenaline rush, then this is probably something that you need to try out - Laser Tags!

Head out to Laser Storm Pittsburgh or other game centers to witness the fun of dark arenas, flashlights, trance music, and geared-up players. Besides throwing a party vibe, it can be transformed to host a wonderful birthday bash or other thrilling events. Such spots provide vast party rooms to enthrall yourselves amidst good food, good music, and good company!

A laser tag arena

Photo by Artem B on Unsplash

3. Plan a getaway to Ohiopyle Falls

Wanna go away from the hustles of the city for a quaint weekend amidst nature? Well, this breathtaking waterfall near Pittsburgh is gonna blow your mind. Ohiopyle State Park is located in the town of Ohiopyle, spanning over 20,000 acres of greenery. It’s a good choice even if you are an adventure freak. The park offers facilities to hike the mountains or bike through the roads or even, just relax and wind away in a picnic mood.

There are three waterfalls in the park, all of them offering breathtaking views of serene nature. The Ohiopyle Visitor Center is a helpful resource to help you navigate through the various points at the park. Further, if you wanna explore the geography of the place, the caretakers at the Visitor Center will warmly welcome you.

Autumn is the best time to visit the place to snap some Instagram-worthy pictures. You could also move ahead to visit Cucumber falls, which is nearby the park. Make sure to spend a memorable time with your loved ones at Ohiopyle falls!

A waterfall in the USA

Photo by Rei Kim on Unsplash

4. Wander through the Mexican War Streets

The ‘City Of Bridges’ is home to numerous lovely neighborhoods. You might’ve already visited Randyland and Shadyside to explore the artistic vibrancy and cordial welcome of the people around. However, all of this comes under one peculiar unnoticed location that holds an iconic significance in Pittsburgh's landscape. And, that’s the Mexican War Streets!

These streets are located on the Northern side of the city. The historical backdrop accounts that the place was designed and constructed in the 1800s when there occurred Mexican-American tensions. The streets are covered with wonderful and unique houses, built in the Victorian-era style. You could spend an entire day admiring this elegance and unlocking the history aspect of it. Popular spots in Pittsburgh such as Mattress Factory belong in this location.

The view of a street at night

Photo by Khachik Simonian on Unsplash

5. Try the local mix at farmers' markets

Wanna spend a cozy little evening with your family, enjoying the little moments and small joys in life? Well, it’s time to visit the farmers’ market and admire the fresh-farm produce gathered there. Especially around the spring season, you can immerse yourself in the surreal nature. You will find an array of fresh and plump fruits & veggies displayed.

Sometimes, interesting homemade munchies and baked goods will also find their way into the food stalls at farmers’ markets. Simply walking around the stalls is totally cost-free. So, why not engage in some goodness that cares and covers for your health as well? Approximately, there are almost 130+ local vendors, selling their fresh farm products to the people at these points.

Farmer’s market

Photo by Shelley Pauls on Unsplash

Experience The Elegance Of Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh is a heart-bound emotion for us yinzers. Apart from just these 5 activities, the city has a load full of surprises. Every time, we tend to savor our history while also finding newer reasons to fall in love with this city, again and again.

Despite the hustle culture, work-life balance, and family responsibilities, you will always have reasons to celebrate the city. So, buckle up and get going into every nook and cranny of this mighty & powerful city. Who knows what will inspire you to revolutionize the world or your small space!


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