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Head Out To These 5 Lively Spots In Pittsburgh For A Family Weekend

Jun 02, 2021Surya Gopal

Family time is always a fun session, with curious kids and super-dynamic adults flocking up. And, what else can be entertaining than the amusing city of Pittsburgh for a delightful weekend? The profound Steel City has numerous happening places lined up to animate our rich culture, stellar local heroes, and thrilling activities. Not just the bustling crowds, but the quaint nature too awaits to greet us with beer and skittles!

An oasis of great attractions, Pittsburgh can even make it hard for you to pick that perfect picnic day. The plethora of activities is nearly endless. You have popular spots such as Duquesne Incline, Randyland, and National Aviary. Or, if you wanna spend a time of excitement with your loved ones at the top sports attractions, there is PNC Park, PPG Arena, and many more. A fun-filled interactive & informative day at Carnegie Museums, Phipps Conservatory, or Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium can be worth the shot as well. Apart from all these leading ones, there are more charming locations in the heart of ‘Arn City’ to engage the fam-jam.

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Starting from a few underrated municipal park areas such as Schenley Plaza, to the vivid installations of contemporary art museums like Mattress Factory; the list could go on and on. From the myriad, here’s unraveling the unique 5 picnic venues in Pittsburgh, to quench your adrenaline rush and urge to tranquillity!

1. Idlewild & Soakzone

How exciting would a countryside vacay day from Pittsburgh be, with your hearts thumping in and out? Get such stirring moments at this master-blaster amusement park in Ligonier, 45 miles away from Pittsburgh city. Tagged the best-ever children’s park, Idlewild is one of the oldest recreation parks in Pennsylvania. A huge array of rides suiting young and old, meek and bold have been set up in the park for over a century. ‘America’s Most Beautiful Theme Park’ can simply fill you with immense joy with the optical illusions of Hootin’ Holler, trails through Story Book Forest, trolley ride through Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and a lot more. Yet, the showstopper rides are still the roller coasters & dodgems of Olde Idlewild and Captain Kidd's play area & raft rides of Soakzone! To more ecstasy, plan a birthday bash or rewind at a cabana rental at Idlewild & Soakzone.

Daniel Tiger's trolley ride
Photo from Idlewild

2. Go Ape North Park

Up for some real-time adventure in Pittsburgh? Drive down your family to Go Ape North Park in Allegheny County. This incredible green zone is the largest park in this neighborhood. In a moment, transform yourselves into Tarzan mode and club through the treetops, especially if you wanna seize some summer fun with the Treetop Adventure. And, this will certainly fill up your whole day! There are 5 levels of the course, each taking nearly half an hour to complete. Climb ladders, scream your heart out at elevated tree-to-tree crossings, slide through the swings, and zipline all your way through, utilizing your power-packed zeal. With an eye on public safety, Go Ape has canopy tours, dining facilities, event spaces, and much more.

Go Ape Treetop Adventure
Photo from Trip Advisor

3. Frick Pittsburgh

In a mood to trail around the artworks, relics, and other souvenirs from the golden Pittsburghese history? The Frick Pittsburgh is rightfully your spot to discover a cluster of museums and gardens, all rooted in history, culture, and nature. Originally owned by the visionary Helen Clay Frick, the Frick Estate expanding above 5.5 acres has been open to the public since 1990. It includes the restored mansion, formerly named ‘Clayton’, art museums, a children’s play area, and a cafeteria. Find the most exquisite Renaissance paintings, artworks, and epic vintage vehicles on display. The wide range of events is quite worthy to hook on and enjoy a day out with families. The green premises promise a refreshing experience with the soothing aura of devoted art and cultural elements around. You could also opt to hike up near Frick Park with fervent kids wandering around.

Frick Mansion
Photo from Flux

4. Pittsburgh Paintball Park

Now, let’s add a twist to your picnic day! What if you and your folks could run around like in a video game in a huge arena, but with paintball guns? Feeling a surge of joy, right! And, that’s exactly why you could choose Pittsburgh Paintball Park for your outing day. With a delightful time spent within the safe vicinity of this paintball arena, you can pick a groovy theme such as Mayan temple relics, military base, or jungle fun and the game series to make an engaging day. Run wild with real obstacles, secret hideouts, and grab an immersive experience!

Pittsburgh Paintball Park
Photo from Trip Advisor

5. Little Lake Theatre

Longing for a setback, relaxed day with the family? Probably, you should discover this contemporary theatre in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Offering a showcase of modern art, Little Lake Theatre has brought up numerous productions featuring classic actors and epic storylines. Especially focusing on families, this community theatre even has summer camps for kids, creating adorable children’s shows and mainstage dramas. Fun fact, this theatre was originally opened in an old barn house in the quainter area of Canonsburg Lake!

Logo of Little Lake Theatre
Photo from Keystone Edge

Catch A Fun Day With Your Family In Da ‘Burgh

Pittsburgh is indeed a wonderful city with many more locales. A few more notable ones are Highland Park with zoo & aquarium and nature trails, the rock climbing station of Ascend, the campground in Camp Guyasuta, and Riverview Park lined with steep hillsides. Curate your customized bucket list today, exploring the diverse activities to capture a heart-warming family time amidst the beautiful terrains of Pittsburgh!

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