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Go Pet-friendly In Pittsburgh For The Weekend!

Jun 18, 2021Surya Gopal

Are you an uber-cool yinzer, wanting to flaunt your weekends being a lovely pet parent? Have you found enough places in Pittsburgh to hang out with your pets? If you’re struggling hard, digging out places over and over to figure out that ‘pet-friendly’ tag at eateries, breweries, stores, and service centers, then hear us out.

The Steel City is always as mighty and wonderful as it had been forever. Many places offer top-notch pet grooming and hospitality to serve the health of your pets. Petagogy and Petco offer premium food items & pets’ essentials and get an amazing vet team at Banfield Pet Hospital. Woody's Dog Wash & Boutique handles comfy pet grooming sessions too.

Be it our darling pooches or kitties, the city has witnessed a huge rise in pet-friendly ventures. Moreover, the rich pool of flora and fauna within the national aviaries, parks, and zoos of da ‘Burgh ardently reflect our love for these fellow beings. After all, who wouldn’t desire to have a loving, caring pet around to caress us all day long!Man brushing dog hairPhoto by Александр Гросс on Unsplash

With a long list of places to hang out, starting from eateries to events, Pittsburgh will always accommodate your lovelies with no worries. Here, we curated a list of places for you to explore as a passionate pet parent in this city of cultures, stories, and of course, yinzers!

1. Spots to eat & drink

Wanna kick-start the day with some yum food for your companion? Pittsburgh has multiple spaces in its neighborhoods, welcoming your pets with warm and comfy corners to chill. Be it breakfast counters, lunch options, or dine-ins; your pet is sure to enjoy:

  • The special breakfast & brunches from Coca Café
  • The dietary menu of Double Wide Grill
  • An additional water bowl at Cappy’s Cafe
  • A hearty lunch at Panera Bread
  • Some sizzling barbeques from Walter’s Southern Kitchen
  • A platter of Italian delicacies at Osteria 2350

Most of the popular eatery outlets of Pittsburgh undoubtedly greet your pets and you with their patios! You can also head out to Bruster's Real Ice Cream to get a dessert sundae for your darlings. Or, cuddle down at the sidewalk tables of Cupka's Cafe II with hot-piping snacks.

Lady feeding a dog in Double Wide Grill restaurantPhoto from PGH City Paper

If you plan up a drink date with your pets, then Pittsburgh has the best options for you. Awesome patios are available at Social, Allegheny City Brewing, Full Pint Brewing, and Redfin Blues. The feeling of sipping down pints of craft beers when snuggling with your companion is priceless, making the perfect date night!

2. Locations to hike around

Love to tour around Pittsburgh with your pets? The neighborhoods of ‘Arn City’ are so calm and thriving that you should never miss out on a hiking trail in the scenic parks, riverfronts, and other beautiful landscapes. Among the top attractions, you’ve got PNC Park in the North Shore and Point State Park lining the downtown area. Get going with a hiking trail or simply roam around these classic landmarks.

Lady hiking with a dogPhoto by Stephen Goldberg on Unsplash

Try out something different from the usual famous locations in the city, then you should traverse into the park at Fort Duquesne Boulevard. Hike up Frick Park with your pets and your whole family too. The meadows and woods of North Shore Riverfront Park and Panhandle Trail in Carnegie are fascinating hang-out sites for a wholesome picnic day in and around Pittsburgh!

3. Activities to do

Do your adrenaline rush demand more exciting activities with your pets? The hiking trails are fun, of course. But, let’s level it up with friends and family accompanying you at the off-site camps of Raccoon Creek State Park. Especially for the furry paws, Riverview Park is the perfect off-leash area extending over 200 acres of land. You could also try out climbing the steep inclines here along with your pets.

Dog playing waterPhoto by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

The rivers are no less fun to spend your day with your pets. Go kayaking and cruising at the rippling waters with Kayak Pittsburgh. For the right play space for your dogs, head out to Bernard Dog Run, and Lucky Paws Dog Park & Pool. Catch up for a sunny day with giggles at the sparkling waters of Riding Meadow Park. Maybe, add a twist with a quirky snapshots session at Bark & Gold Photography!

Not just a picnic day, but a lot of events are also lined up annually for your pets in Pittsburgh. The much-celebrated Three Rivers Heritage Trail and St. Patrick's Day Parade already allow pets on leash. Pittsburgh Pet Expo is another curious pet show conducted at David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Don't forget to experience the pet-friendly beauty of The Art Festival in Shadyside. Enjoy the summer concerts, music festivals, and amphitheater at Hartwood County Park as well.

People enjoying a pets showPhoto by Sebastian Coman Travel on Unsplash

Get all pet-sy with your beloved in Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh embraces all pets, with ample patios and open grounds; letting them immerse in the goodness of nature & the city. Now, if you’re up for a staycation, there are numerous pet-friendly places to stay providing basic pet-based amenities. The Westin Convention Center, Airbnb Rentals, Fairmont Pittsburgh, and The Bella Vista are a few among them. So, get your days planned to bask in the glory of a wonderful time with your pet friends in the panorama of Pittsburgh. Catch up with a relaxing time for you as well, yinz!

Enjoy a lovely weekend along with your beloved earthlings at Pittsburgh with a dash of ecstatic accessories from Yinzershop!

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