The 'Pittsburgh Left'

If you’ve ever driven around Pittsburgh, one of the first things you’ll notice if you are going to make a left turn after a red light (and don’t have a green arrow) is the cars in the opposite lane will yield and wait for you to make your left turn. This is known as the ‘Pittsburgh Left.’ 
Wikipedia describes it as: The Pittsburgh left is a colloquial term for the driving practice of the first left-turning vehicle taking precedence over vehicles going straight through an intersection, associated with the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.
This one little act is a microcosm that shows off the inherent kindness of Pittsburghers. Not in any other city in the world is this a known act. Just da ‘Burgh.
This among a few other subtle acts such as holding the door for a stranger, shoveling the snow off an elderly neighbors sidewalk, and  letting neighbors save parking spots show the true character of the Steel City. A beautiful blue collar town with nice and pleasant people living in it. 
After all it is the home to the Mr. Rogers : ) 

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