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Check Out These 5 Activities In Pittsburgh With Your Family!

Mar 19, 2022Surya Gopal

Steel City is an interesting place to be if you wanna engage in entertainment and merriment. Our neighborhoods and Downtown will always be buzzling with people from around the world. A cozy home to yinzers, Pittsburgh hosts a unique set of activities, adventures, and solaces at various seasonal peaks throughout the year.

Beyond the usual landscape of a metropolitan city, Pittsburgh perpetuates a colorful arena of culture, nature, technology, nostalgia, resilience, and a lot more. The predominant blue-collar culture of the past has made the tale of yinzers more deep-rooted in people and community. However, many foreigners mistake the city to be a casual breeding ground for drinking, partying, and gambling only. But, it’s not! The culmination of history in Pittsburgh and its legendary characters are so inspiring and equally charming.

View of Pittsburgh

Photo by Jordan Faux on Unsplash

So, here we have tracked down a small starter pack for you if you wish to explore the nuances and vibes of the city deeply. We have compiled a list of the top 5 fun activities you can undertake with your family and kids. Hope you’ll enjoy these and fall in love with this intriguing city and its magic!

1. Tour around in vintage style

Ever heard of Molley’s Trolleys in Pittsburgh? Well, if you have gotten tired of going around on city tours on bikes, segways, or riverboats, then these trolleys will be a new take for you. If you are forever in love with the majestic skylines and overall portrait of the city, then grab your loved ones and get going on the trolleys.

The unique vintage-themed red trolleys offer guided tours. This lets you catch a glimpse of the rich and expansive history of Pittsburgh. The tour covers almost all top locations of Pittsburgh including the sublime views of Mount Washington and Downtown.

Molley’s Trolleys

Photo from Visit Pittsburgh

2. Hike in Riverview Park

Pittsburgh has a huge number of parks that encapsulate the landscape of the city so well. But, most of them are best fit for casual loitering around and to set up a cute little picnic or community meetup. Have you ever wanna make your day at a state park more interesting? Well, Riverview Park is right around your corner to get a memorable park experience.

This park is situated in the northern suburbs of the city, sprawling over a range of 270 acres. The best part about the place is it’s open for hiking trails. The vast area containing hillsides and forest covers can be conquered with ease if you have a fun gang over. After the heavy trails, cool down your nerves at the swimming pool too!

Riverview Park

Photo from Twitter

3. Chill around with your little ones

Having kids around can be sometimes tricky. You have to plan weekends and vacations ahead so that they get the best-of-all-time experiences. Besides, you wish to get a good relaxing time for yourself. Pittsburgh has a wide range of calm and scenic places that lets you take a much-needed break with your family. Also, if you desire to amp up the holidays a bit, there are an endless number of museums and observatories such as the Carnegie Science Centre you can visit.

These museums stir up the curious eyes of your kids while enjoying the fun elements of technology, history, and culture. There are interactive exhibits, outdoor parks, science playgrounds, etc. that will satisfy their adrenaline-filled brains. You can wrap up a one-day picnic by chilling out at their favorite food corner near the museums. 

Carnegie Science Center

Photo from Wikipedia

4. Jump on a trampoline

 Another fun-filled day out for kids involves going all peppy with their energy. Kids could spend eons at the parks and hike trails, trying to drain out their energy levels while refilling their hearts and minds with happiness and memories. And, so, Pittsburgh features so many trampoline parks. Trampoline parks become fun-overloaded places. Besides the madness of going topsy-turvy, it’s even perfect to entertain your kids on a rainy day.

Though spots like Sky Zone in Monroeville offer immense indoor activities, most of the kids prefer the trampoline sheets to slither into their wild energy. There are other activities such as dodgeball courts and balance beams at these trampoline parks which are sure to keep your kids lively and engaged for the entire day!

Dodgeball in trampoline park

Photo from Altitude Trampoline Park

5. Enjoy your day at Heinz Hall

Just like Heinz ketchup is a yinzer-favorite, Heinz Hall is also a lovely location in Pittsburgh. It often becomes a thrive-area for performing arts and other cultural activities. Heinz Hall is located right at the center of da ‘Burgh and hence, a popular spot for people to come down. It’s home to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

Besides the stellar performances you can attend at Heinz Hall, the building itself is an art of marvel in architecture. The elegant concert halls accompanied by other smaller event spaces make it a fascinating location. With many eateries and beverage counters lining the various corners of the building, you can easily make the best day at Heinz Hall!

Heinz Hall

Photo from Flickr

Feel The Magic Of Togetherness In Pittsburgh! 

The city has an amazing range of really cool and fun activities. Especially, if you are all heads in for a devoted family time, the spots around Strip District and Point State are excellent choices. Moreover, you get to pass on the nostalgic memories of the city while you trail around with your kids; almost like the age-old times! So, what are waiting for? Get grooving with the vibrant rhythms of the city and make the best time for all of you!


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