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Discover The Epic Strip District of Pittsburgh With The Yinz Swag!

May 11, 2021Surya Gopal

Pittsburgh - a haven of culture, fraternity, beautiful skylines, nature, and above all, surrounded by the unbounded love of people and vibrance of life. We yinzers have indeed been wonderstruck at the spirit we share and the diverse groups of people we welcome. While the Downtown (better known as Golden Triangle!) is mostly celebrated as the star of the city, all of our neighborhoods are equally spectacular and thriving with bustling crowds.

Ever imagined of a wholehearted commercial area, unanimously loved by its local folk as well as visitors to the city? One such amazing neighborhood of Pittsburgh is Strip District. It was a pinnacle of industrial activity in the bygone days of American history. Strip District has a distinctive narrative of its growth from being an incubator for the Steel City into what we see today as a quirky neighborhood. Moreover, Strip District owns a peculiar feature which no other holds. Its market activities reach their peak on weekends, unlike weekdays in most of the other places. And hence, there are a million such reasons to explore this wonderful neighborhood in the ‘Arn City’.

Overview of Pittsburgh cityPhoto by Henry Dixon on Unsplash

Strip District is famous for the swarms of people who adore food and shopping experience. Especially, the summer seasons are so delightful with many open markets. Drawing forward from its history, this neighborhood has become a tech hotspot of Pittsburgh too. The iconic relics from past golden days are the other attractions of the area. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive and discover the grandeur of Strip District!

Foodie’s Paradise

Wanna find those lip-smacking flavors and fine booze to entice your tongues and tummies? Strip District is the ultimate go-to spot to enjoy literally any kind of cuisines, be it international or the unique Pittsburghese tastes. It has embraced the influx of people from diverse ethnicities in its past. Such an acceptance of cultures has tailor-made our restaurants and breweries for all from different parts of the world.

French toasts with fresh fruit compotePhoto from Lot 24

Starting with the breakfast and brunch options, you could prefer an Italian brunch (DiAnoia’s Eatery) or yummy French toasts with fresh fruit compotes (Cafe Raymond). Grab the best lunch combo of sushi and tempura from the seafood menu (Penn Avenue Fish Co.).You should never miss out on the rich and delicious dinner with thick pancakes topped with fruits & whipped cream from Pamela’s Diner and the fries-on-top ‘sammiches’ from Primanti Bros

To power up the day with beverages or snacks, try a mocha coffee (21st Street) and pepperoni rolls (Mancini’s). The area doesn’t fall short on dessert delicacies as well, with funky donuts and ice cream sundaes. For cocktails and fine wines & beer, visit Bar Marco, Maggie’s Farm Rum, or The Beerhive.

Inside Bar MarcoPhoto from Lifespace

Shopping all the way!

Strip District is the ever-prospering commercial space of Pittsburgh in the first place. It’s the market activities and business that paved the way to making this narrow land into the most attractive locality in the city with loads of eateries, office spaces, and lovely buildings. A hub of wholesale and retail buying and selling, this neighborhood has all the kinds of local as well as premium shops you could be searching for. Besides the long list of cafes, bakeries, fine-dine restaurants, and other eateries, you could hit the shopping spree at the grocery outlets, confectionaries, wineries, farm produce deliveries, souvenir shops, sports apparel boutiques, and butcher’s stores of Strip District.

The iconic places of Strip District include Penn Avenue, Smallman Street, and Liberty Avenue. If you wanna enjoy the stylish city life of Pittsburgh, then this couldn’t probably be the place. Instead, Strip District has imbibed the glorious past so well and portrays the lively hustle of our fond Yinz culture. The blend of cultures is ardently visible here, with the array of Asian stores, the authentic Pennsylvania Macaroni Company, and Mexican vibes of Reyna Food Inc. Must-visit stores also include Sambok Korean, S&D Polish, and Deli, Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop, and Enrico Biscotti Bakery.

Street in Strip DistrictPhoto from Flikr

Top Attractions for Visitors

Did the food and shopping experience in this neighborhood overwhelm you for a moment? Well, time for a break then! There are countless instances of what could amuse and leave you wonderstruck in here. Roam around and traverse through the tourist attractions and cultural landmarks of Pittsburgh located in Strip District. 

Heinz History Center would be the very first place to bump into. You could readily explore the history of Pittsburgh and the current scenario in the Steel City at this iconic cultural center. The historic site of St. Stanislaus Kostka Church is another trademark place to visit. This oldest church mesmerizes one and all with its evergreen Polish architectural styles. Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre is another classic must-visit to experience the community goals of the city. The corporate buildings have embraced most of the spaces of Strip District, making it one of the first-class areas in Pittsburgh. 

St. Stanislaus Kostka Church

Photo from Flikr

The mural painted neighborhoods and the chirping people around; altogether blends perfectly to compose the magnificent elegance of Strip District. The schools, workspaces, and entertainment arenas of this supreme market area have become so developed. They feel super warm and amiable that the city almost feels so homely. Wanna relinquish all of these along with its cool yinzers? Visit Pittsburgh soon and fall in love with this mighty city!

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