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Never Miss Out These Iconic Dishes of Pittsburgh!

Sep 17, 2020Keith Cathcart

What can rhyme well with the foodie cult? Of course, nothing else than this city of Pittsburgh and its neighborhoods! Dive right into this ‘Food City’ and you will spot an amazing range of best food joints. Moreover, the food culture is not just having another cuisine.

The city owns an interesting backstory of its intense food love and its blue-collar jobs. Traveling back to the olden times of the ‘Steel City’, yinzers had heavy & hectic work schedules; inspiring them to create calorie-filled quick bites for meals. That, in turn, paved way for the epic Pittsburghese ‘Fries on Food’ style and cheese-loaded Sandwiches, French Fries, and Salads. 

But, Pittsburgh is not just about the heavy delicacies. The city owns a wide range of condiments & sweet treats; originated from our business circles. Pittsburgh homes the makers of Heinz Ketchup, a popular choice worldwide. You will forever nibble on the chocolate-coated Klondike Bars & Clark Bars. 

While you have these all-time favorites from Pittsburgh, here is a bucket list of the top 7 iconic foods to hog on, exclusively when you are around da ‘Burgh.

1. Pitts Burger Sandwich

Foods in Pittsburgh, Primanti’s Sandwich

Image from Post Gazette

Head in straight to the Primanti Brothers, and grab on this lip-smacking must-try at Pittsburgh. The Pitts-Burger Sandwiches are a lot more than your usual sandwiches. They are super-rich with a toasted beef patty, chunky hams, veggies, and ‘its never too much’ cheese smothered onto some white bread. You can enjoy this tummy-full sandwich with loads of French fries, fresh Coleslaw, and yummy dips. 

2. Burnt Almond Torte

This purely Pittsburghese delight is the top-seller at all three stores of Prantl’s Bakery. With wholesome crunchy sugared almonds, this is a vanilla cake simply smudged with icing cream. This desert is inevitably America’s Greatest Cake ever, as many prefer it as their wedding cakes or on most special occasions. It’s the treat o’clock of Prantl’s!

Foods in Pittsburgh, Prantl’s Almond Torte

Image from Prantl’s Bakery

3. Pierogies

Here is the star of the city, the pierogies! Authentic to its taste, this Pittsburghese dumpling traces back to the European roots, of the 80s. Jump forth to every nook and corner of da ‘Burgh, you are sure-shot to find pierogi delights served. Atop the list, we have S&D Polish Deli’s softest Pierogies or a Pierogi Pizza from Duke’s Upper Deck Cafe.

The mashed potatoes smoked with cheese and topped with buttered onions; it’s za’ delicious pick for a thrilling game day at PNC Park!

Foods in Pittsburgh, Pierogies of  Pittsburgh

Image from NextPittsburgh

4. Potato Patch Fries

Kennywood is not just a fun park when you have a mouthful of Potato Patch Fries. Such is the love for this different, yet sassy style of French fries. These are french fries with loads and loads of cheese & other preferred toppings. Old or young, a rightful plate of fries from Kennyville gets dug in by all, soon after their fun trip around the topsy-turvy rides ;)

Foods in Pittsburgh, Potato Patch Fries from Kennywood

Image from Pittsburgh Magazine

5. Pittsburgh Salad

Well, Primanti’s just doesn’t end its popular menu with their hotshot sandwiches. They load in fries on every single food and so, you can’t ever miss out on another famous delicacy from their kitchens, the Pittsburgh Salads. 

Foods in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Salad

Image credits: From Jersey Girl to Pittsburgher

The salad stands out with its enormous fries together with a generous serving of lettuce, croutons, bell peppers, olives, tomatoes, and some grilled chicken or steaks. The most common spots for the hearty salad would be Giorgio’s Place or North Park Lounge.

6. Smiley Cookies

Eat ‘N Park has spread all smiles over the food city with its edition of smiley cookies. Its a cookie of love, and not just a word. No sweet tooth can ever skip these sugary treats. With no much majestic grandeur, these are simple and yummy sugar cookies topped on by the iconic smileys. Kids crave on one cookie each, after every meal!

Foods in Pittsburgh, Smiley Cookies

Image from Smiley Cookies

7. Chipped Chopped Ham

Weird as it might sound, this doesn’t fit in well into the authentic ‘Pittsburgh Cuisine’. But, it has turned out to be a favorite in meal courses. You have chopped ham sandwiches tossed in rich BBQ sauce or the popular lunch meat from Isaly’s Deli. And, well to our eyes, they must strictly be chip-chopped to transparency; like a film roll!

Foods in Pittsburgh, Chipped Ham Sandwich

Image from Palatable Pasttime

Missing out to mark a lot of master foods like Fried Zucchini, Big Mac, and Iron City Beer, Pittsburgh is a foodies’ paradise. Our love to snuggle into cheese bursting savories or sugary bites is just limitless. Explore these scrumptious meal deals at our one and only stop - Pittsburgh!

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