The story behind the Steel football shaped plate that reads “Men of Steel” outside Steelers Locker Room

Game time. Forever marked by the banging of the steel football plate that famously hangs next to the Steelers locker room. A city that was built up by the popularity of the steel industry heavily felt the effects of its collapse. Despite the collapse of an industry that put Pittsburgh on the map, and even more, the powerful industry came to rebuild these people and its beloved city.

The Steelers- a team, a people, a city- a force to be reckoned with.

This steel football-shaped plate reads, “men of steel”. This statement holds the history of the city, the hard-working attitude of the people, and more importantly, the resilience of Yinzers. The fall of the steel industry was a setback- but the Steelers proved time and time again to be resilient, to be hardworking, and to never forget their roots.

With the banging of this Men of Steel wall art plate comes a reminder- to remember where you came from, to stay resilient, and to keep the tradition.

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