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Come Fall In Love With The Nooks and Crannies Of Pittsburgh

Jul 09, 2022Surya Gopal

One of the most livable cities in the world! Known by various names, Pittsburgh is a haven for its amazing yinzers and for all those who visit the city. Steel City, Steeler’s City, The City of Bridges, The River City - there goes the long list of nicknames for this mighty and majestic city. Every other day in Pittsburgh is filled with fun, happiness, and cultural love.

Starting from its pretty and blissful skyline, there are a gazillion things you will fall in love with in Pittsburgh. Of course, there’s a usual bucket list for travelers whenever they visit the city. But, there’s so much more in every corner, in and around the city that you must definitely explore. And, this simply means Pittsburgh is a lot more beyond Pierogies, Sammiches, Duquesne Incline Ride, PNC Park, etc!


Image from Visit Pittsburgh

However, if you’re not a yinzer, you might find it difficult to identify such hidden spots and unique flavors & fun activities. But, worry not! Yinzershop is here to help you. Grab exclusive Pittsburgh-special t-shirts, accessories, and souvenirs from us, and pack up your bags! It’s Pittsburgh o’clock and we wish you get the bottom of all the following amazing places, people, foods, and much more. Read ahead to find them out and make your own list of quintessential things to do in Pittsburgh!

1. Exclusive Pittsburghese Experiences 

Pittsburgh has always been the favorite city for many with its incredible range of exclusive experiences and best-kept secrets. So, how about exploring such exquisite spots in the city? Here are 5 yinzer experiences you should never miss out on besides enjoying the fireworks of the Fourth Of July from PPG Arena!

With the advent of festivals, Pittsburgh is the best place to be. The energy and aura of the city and people are so addictive. Despite the usual seasons, winter adds a special dash to this beautiful city. Rock shows, flea markets, performing artists, and street vendors make Pittsburgh a Christmas haven for one and all!

Christmas season in Pittsburgh

Image from Next Pittsburgh

Food is the most important celebration in Pittsburgh. Though there aren’t huge varieties as such under the authentic Pittsburghese cuisine, the list of iconic and legendary food places such as Primanti Bros is pretty long. In particular, make your day memorable at the Original Oyster House with a scrumptious seafood platter and sandwiches.

Coming to the landscape of Pittsburgh, steep streets is iconic to the whole of Pittsburgh. But, have you ever known that there’s a no-gravity spot nearby the city? Move to McKinney Road in Allegheny County and witness the magic for yourselves then! Try putting your car on neutral gear and voila! You will see the car moving uphill on a steep hillside actually!

But beyond all these, if you still haven’t felt satisfied with Pittsburgh vibes, then some uniquely Pittsburgh feels are awaiting you in Allentown. A blend of magic, macabre and antique, The Weeping Glass is a one-of-its-kind oddities shop. The spooky inspiration has gone so high that even the food delicacies are Halloween-themed and you will surely love them all. However, if all you want is some classy yinzer maps and wooden art for souvenirs, then our Yinzershop is your pick to order!

Art also has a significant role amongst us yinzers. And, so are our Arts Festivals! Three Rivers Arts Fest is one such huge-scaled fest usually happening in the month of April every year. Witness the masterpiece and artistic talents while you go crazy with the fantastic show that will go live.

Three Rivers Arts Fest

Image from Next Pittsburgh

2. Quaint Spots Near Pittsburgh

Beyond the fun jamming sessions, spooky shops, and fabulous eateries, Pittsburgh has so much to offer if all you carve for is calmness and serenity. The surroundings of the city are nestled into the verdant heart of nature. The state parks, waterfalls, and nature reserves in Pittsburgh as excellent examples of how the city is deep-rooted in nature. Here are a few locations around da ‘Burgh where you can spend a quaint and refreshing day in the lap of Mother Earth.

Do wildflowers, chirpy birds, and cycling seasons attract your mind? Then, Todd Reserve in Sarvar is a must-visit. You will catch a glimpse of an adorable environment here with interesting hike trails and bird watching. The rustic place adds a certain charm that you wish to stay over in the locality forever!

But, if you aren’t a huge fan of hiking and adventure, then a staycation might make your day amazing in Pittsburgh. Tuck away to the Original Yaca Dome with Airbnb. Fall in love with the old-school charm of this vintage-themed house. So, plan an absolute get away from the daily hustles to this wonder dome house.

Original Yaca Dome

Image from Only In Your State

Now, if you’re nothing but a book lover, then Pittsburgh can bring you the best feeling ever with its age-old library! Braddock Carnegie Library in Braddock Ave is one such wonderful library building. And, it’s been there for the past 120 years! Beyond just book browsing, you can embrace the essence of yesteryears of the city at this library. Even, the architecture itself is impressive and you will totally love the vibes of this library.

Not in a mood for any adventure, hiking, or reading? Do you wish to roam around lazily for the upcoming holidays? Pack your bags to the Cheese House! Try out various types of cheese and dwell in the warmth of yummy yinzer foods. It’s a family-owned business and you will adore the lovely hosts. There are more quaint and cool places where you can spend quality time for yourself, reviving and rejuvenating for more life adventures!

3. Create Fun Memories With Your Gang

Got a gang over? Well, Pittsburgh is the best place to have fun with your besties. Hop on with your buddies to every nook of Pittsburgh and get the most sublime and unique time of your life. Apart from the usual group touring and hiking, there are much more activities that you can enjoy as a group and dwell in.

Hiking trail

Photo by Javel Williams on Unsplash

How about a massive real-life scavenger hunt game? So, hit up your time for geocaching. This game is an advanced version of your usual treasure hunt. Allocate your clues in unique and hidden spots of Pittsburgh so that you explore the city as well on the go.

Going skating is another underrated fun activity you can try out in Pittsburgh. Though there are multitudes of skateparks, there’s a special one, set in for women too! If you’re a total newbie to it, then plan up and get roller-skating beginner’s lessons with the professionals in the skateparks.

Next, get your adrenaline rush coming as you gleam out on a horse ride in the city. Be it mornings or evenings, you can refresh yourself with an ecstatic horse-riding lesson. End your wonderful day with a heart-warming campfire and dinner too.

Arcade nights are also a fun way to spice your evenings. Bring around your colleagues or employees while you hang around stress-busting games. Game N’At is a famous arcade game spot you can opt for. Or, if you’re up for a lot more adventure, then boot up for surfing. Surf Pittsburgh is an all-inclusive surfing community that will cordially help you out in getting a wonderful time surfing. They even provide you with skateboards and professional support.

Cheat Lake and Coppers Forest

Image from Crazy For Gardening

You can have fun in Pittsburgh the old-school way too. There is a long list of places such as Cheat Lake and Coppers Forest where you can camp all night with your besties. A little drive from the main city to these quaint spots will let you free from the stress of mundane routine and recharge your energy and bonding with your friends too.

4. Must-Try Intriguing Activities 

The one word that defines Pittsburgh in totality is ‘resilience’. We have endured a lot of struggles over generations to become this amazing city that it is right now. So, every yinzer is always proud of their home city.

Be it the working class or the bureaucratic personas, all of them have vastly contributed to the revival of this city from a polluted one to ‘the most livable’ one. Hence, you need to experience the magic of this city through an array of exhilarating activities. The following are the top 5 ones you should definitely try out!

Bike Tour

Image from Visit Pittsburgh

How to get to every corner of Pittsburgh at your own pace? Well, a cycle will fix it out for you! Rent out a cycle and move around the neighborhoods of the city to explore the essence of da ‘Burgh. If you’re lucky enough, tag along with a homely cycling community too!

To level up your entertainment spirits even higher, book your tickets to Liberty Magic. Spot unnerving magic shows and illusion sessions performed by various expert artists. You can also try to spend some time admiring the eloquence and beauty of nature at Fallingwater. It’s a masterpiece work of art in American architecture. Moreover, it is beautifully seated atop a series of waterfalls. A twilight hour at this curious mansion is nothing away from blissful moments!

If arts and culture is your comfort space, then watch the classic movies in the balcony seats of Hollywood Theater. Catch up with both old and new movies, mostly filmed with the backdrop of Pittsburgh here. And, if sports is your pass time, Arsenal Bowling is awaiting you with a magnificent bowling arena. Explore this game space to indulge in sports spirits apart from the football and hockey games in PNC Park and PPG Arena.

5. Quintessential Experiences in da ‘Burgh

Surprises and more surprises! That’s what the whole magic about Pittsburgh is. The splendor of this city of Golden Trio is breathtaking. So, we just took time hunting the unusually attractive spots in Pittsburgh, and here’s what we found. These spaces offer you whimsical yinzer experiences that you will certainly cherish over a lifetime. Be sure to add these to your bucket list too!

Maggie's Farm Rum

Image from Trib Live

Maggie’s Farm Rum is sure to top the list. Such is the wide and exquisite range of craft cocktails at this humble abode. Titled the World’s Best Rum in 2021, this rum place makes distinct rums and serve them in copper wares. It’s almost a heavy loss of yinzer mood if you miss out on Maggie’s Farm Rum from your list!

If you are not a drink and vibe person, don’t worry. Bantha Tea Bar will cover you! This is not your usual casual cafe. Instead, you will explore a wholesome yinzer culture at this tea place. Folks gather up here and spend an artsy evening amidst good food, good music, and incredible company. The inclusivity you will witness here is definitely worth a special mention.

Next, the art lovers assemble! Because this place is gonna be all adorbs for you guys. St. Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church is beautifully decorated with the mural paintings of the iconic artist Maxo Vanka. His powerful reflections on the horrors of World War I are eye-opening. For more revival of artistic juices, Allegheny Elks is your next spot. Here, people gather over food and music, enjoying a heartful banjo music night. Tap in and have fun with the musical souls.

Banjo Night

Image from The Daily Beast

Do you wanna find the royal experience in Pittsburgh? Then, head out to the most elegant and posh fine-dine restaurant, William Penn Speakeasy. Their menu looks incredibly amazing with lip-smacking starters, main course, and drinks. Or, slide into Row Cinema House. It’s a small theater where you can gather nostalgic memories of the city. This cinema house screens only old all-time favorite picks. But, vouch on us, when we say it’s a million-dollar classy experience!

Explore The Beautiful Haven Of Pittsburgh With Yinzershop!

Festivals, nature abodes, fun-loving people, majestic landscape, and a bunch of heart-warming yinzers. This is the sum total of all that Pittsburgh is. The city boasts of the stories of resilience from the past and the hardships we had to suffer to reach up till today. So, whenever you’re in this Arn City, make the days outta it.

The one thing that makes Pittsburgh so enjoyable and unique is the perfect blend of culture and heritage into its tourist spots and other attractions - a satisfying combination of past and present! So, find your time and plan an itinerary tour to this iconic city. Don’t forget to grab lovely yinzer-certified goods and accessories from Yinzershop too!


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