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Most Underrated Activities You Must Try In Pittsburgh

Feb 19, 2022Surya Gopal

Pittsburgh, the land of yinzers, is always buzzing with crowd and energy in every nook and corner. If you want a family-oriented holiday or just a romantic date with your beloved, the city has tons of options for you. But, if you are a newbie here or a native who hasn’t explored da ‘Burgh to its fullest yet, then you might probably feel bored with usual places already. So, let’s spice up your weekend break or your little ‘me-time’ with some fun and vibrance.

Pittsburgh offers a wide array of activities that let you explore its culture, art, cuisine, and much more. Neighborhoods such as Randyland, the educational Carnegie museums, and even a thrilling bike tour around the city downtown will entertain you with good memories for a lifetime. However, the city also has many more underrated yet must-try spots that help you connect better with Pittsburgh and its cultural vibes and essence. So, let's find out below the top 5 underrated activities in Pittsburgh that you're gonna indulge in soon (if you haven't already!).

View of Pittsburgh from Duquesne incline

Photo by Yuhan Du on Unsplash

1. Have fun with hot air balloon rides

Scenic views have always characterized the classic landscape of Pittsburgh. The surreal skyline is a pleasant experience to soothe your eyes. And, that's why funicular rides up Mount Washington are the best fun engagements in the city. But, what if we soar even higher, hovering above the entire city?

Well, hot air balloon rides are just the perfect way to savor the panorama of Pittsburgh. Many operators around the city, such as Segway Pittsburgh offer their services to pull you up to this adventure experience. It's a sublime view when you go for balloon rides during sunrise or sunset.

With a little care and instructions, hot air balloon rides can be an exciting outdoor activity. You could even plan a romantic date and make it the most exclusive time for both of you!

Hot air balloon ride

Photo by Melanie Magdalena on Unsplash

2. Tiki cruise on the rivers

The Golden Trio is more or less a trademark of the city. So, river activities are sure-shot ones to try out. Besides the usual kayaking and paddleboard surfing, how else would you wish to enjoy the magical waters of Pittsburgh? Maybe with your gang over, you can get the best of the best happiness in Pittsburgh.

And, cruisin' tikis are just ready to make your day wonderful. Tikis are a special type of boat with an 8 or 6-seater capacity, common in Pittsburgh. What makes it unique is the amazing mini-Hawaiian vibes that it brings you. With a palm-thatched roof, tikis are the most relaxing rides while also spending time with your friends or family. So, pull up your team and make memories or party around while cruising on tikis!

Cruising tiki

Photo from Cruisin Tikis

3. Glamping at Cook Riverside Cabins

If kids surround your world in Pittsburgh, then picnics, camping, and amusement parks might have always been on your go-to list for vacations. And besides, who doesn't love an entertaining camping experience in Steel City! But, would you like to whip up one-of-its-kind camp nights to cherish a long-due family get-together? Then, let’s just go Glamping!

Though it sounds funny, glamping is just a refreshing take on the usual camping experience. Just like savoring a stay-cation, glamping lets you relax and rejuvenate but also gear up your adrenaline rush with some activities. And, the best part of glamping is that all of your family, irrespective of age, can actively be a part of it. That means no more grumpy kids to care of or oldies just cornering up on a camp night!

The Cook Riverside Cabins in Cooksburg is an ideal location to enjoy the goodness of glamping. You can avail the luxury of extensive accommodation and services while engaging in thrilling activities like kayaking, fishing, or even ice skating in the winters. So, head up to savor your best holiday and family time!

A cabin near campfire

Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash

4. Movie night under the stars

What activity in Pittsburgh would be the most romantic yet will never leave your kids out? You might probably be wondering how that is even possible. But, it’s the ‘Arn City’ and everything is possible here. So, if you’ve been a newbie parent with kids and tiny tots, finding it hard to revive your romantic moments, then Pittsburgh is all open to help you out. Simply head out to the parks of Allegheny and Downtown.

Yes, you heard it right! Many state parks in Pittsburgh offer you the unique and exclusive experience of ‘Movie Night Under The Stars’. Whether you want a date night or just take your kids out, but are worried about the safety, then you can simply opt for the drive-in option in Schenley Park, Grandview Park, etc. Or, you could even get a blanket and grab some edibles to watch a movie the perfect way!

Movie night under the stars

Photo from Next Pittsburgh

5. Try your luck in ax throwing

Now, finding a good fun time with friends and family or a date night with your beloved might just be easy for you. But, maybe you wanted to spend quality time with your office mates or work acquaintances. While there are endless options for team-building and corporate activities, ax-throwing is a good choice to try your luck at. It might sound a little scary and overboard, but it's gonna be a fun blast for sure!

You can book or rent out a good area and avail the services of trained professionals to arrange for ax-throwing. Most of such operators give you a mock drill and training in the beginning. Then, you can compete in teams in a completely safe and secure environment. Even if you don’t have a huge group, you can just walk in and meet new friends as you energize with some classic ax-throws.

Axe throwing arena

Photo from The Incline

Pittsburgh Is Your Haven For Fun & Frolic!

 If you wanna spend time with whomever, Pittsburgh is just the right place. There are even a lot of friendly neighborhood communities which you can join if you’re just lonely and crave group activities. Ranging from segway tours and bike trails to hiking and kayaking, the city can show wonders if you set in to explore every bit of it. Witness all of this mighty and beautiful city with the lovely yinzers and your loved ones!

Indulge in the fun and goodness of Pittsburgh with the elegant goodies from Yinzershop!

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